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  1. Tamal
  2. Lisa Valle
  3. Roberto G. Fernandez
  4. Myrna Vasquez
  5. Vicente Fernandez
  1. a Mexican singer
    Rey de la cancíon ranchero
  2. b Mexican Food. Beef/pork wrapped in a corn husk.
  3. c Florida - born runner (pista-track)
  4. d Puerto Rican artist. Focuses on social and political situations in her country
  5. e Cuban novelist.
    En la ocho y la doce; Holy Radishes
    (shows Cuban Americans cultural conflicts)

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  1. Central American food. a tortilla filled with cheese (quesillo) and pork
  2. sky scrapers
  3. famous Mexican rock guitar player. Created la Fundación Milagro para ayudar a niños ya jovenes pobres.
  4. Mexican writer: "Como agua por chocolate"
  5. Dominican athlete (pista)

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  1. Esquiarski


  2. Isabel AllendeFlorida - born runner (pista-track)


  3. Ricardo SantiagoDancer; born in the U.S.


  4. Gael GarcíaDominican athlete (pista)


  5. Gerardo MurilloGuatemalan singer. Grammys


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