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  1. Which muscles in the upper extremity contract to produce abduction?
  2. What are the principle functions of the Anterior compartment at the shoulder joint?
  3. SITS stands for:

    -What is the significance?
  4. Which muscles act as Depressors of the scapula?
  5. Which muscles act as horizontal extensors/abductors of the humerus?
  1. a -Supraspinatus
    -Teres Minor

    These are the four muscles in the rotator cuff
  2. b -Supraspinatus
  3. c -Infraspinatus
    -Teres Minor
  4. d -Adduction of humerus
    -inward rotator of humerus
    -Flexor of humerus (and horizontal flexion)
  5. e -Pectoralis Minor
    -Trapezius 4

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  1. -Outward rotation of humerus
    -Extensor of humerus (and horizontal extension/abduction)
  2. -Pectoralis Major
    -Teres Major
    -Deltoid (anterior)
    -Latissimus Dorsi
    -Biceps Brachii (short head)
  3. Abductor of the scapula
    Depression of the scapula
    (more individual movements change)
  4. -Pectoralis Minor
    -Serratus Anterior
  5. Supraspinatus

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  1. Which muscles comprise the Inferior compartment of the shoulder joint?-Latissimus Dorsi
    -Teres Major
    -Triceps Brachii


  2. What is the action produced by the supinator-Elbow flexor
    -can potentially pronate in assistance


  3. Which muscles make up the anterior muscles of the wrist?-Trapezius 1 (some 2)
    -Levator scapulae


  4. What is the action produced by the biceps brachii?...


  5. If the shoulder joint is flexing, what movement is occurring at the shoulder girdle?Depression/ downward rotation


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