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  1. Who were the Bedouins and what did they believe in?
  2. Hijra
  3. Gabriel
  4. Theocracy
  5. Saladin
  1. a Arabic desert dwellers who were nomadic and moved from place to place in search of food and believed in nature gods since nature effected their everyday life
  2. b The angel that spoke to Muhammad and told him he was the last prophet of God
  3. c Leader of the Seljuk Turks who would sign a peace treaty to end the Crusades
  4. d Government ruled by a religious leader
  5. e Trip from Mecca to Medina that Muhammad took when he found out his life was in danger; marks the start of the Muslim calendar

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  1. The Mongols attacked and weakened them to allow for the Ottoman Turks to move in and take over
  2. They did not take the title of caliph because they were new to Islam and knew the Muslims would not have accepted them as "successors of the prophet" because Muslims support their faith so strongly and would have been insulted
  3. Holy city for the Muslims where the Kaaba was located and where Muhammad was born
  4. Muhammad's wife who fell in love with him when he managed her caravan route
  5. Pilgrimmage to Mecca that is part of the Pillars of Islam that all Muslims are supposed to take

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  1. UlemaTeacher of Islam


  2. How did Islam unite the people of the Middle East and North Africa?1. Common language of Arabic so everyone could communicate
    2. Everyone was equal if they were Muslim so no discrimination


  3. Why did the merchants of Mecca dislike Muhammad?Because he was preaching that their were no nature gods and so the merchants would lose a lot of money if people stopped coming to Mecca to worship at the shrine of the nature gods - the Kaaba


  4. Abu BakrMuhammad's father-in-law who would take over the leadership of the Muslims when Muhammad died


  5. Shiite MuslimsMuslims that believe only descendants of Muhammad and his son-in-law Ali should rule


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