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  1. genetic engineering
  2. types of genetic engineering
  3. translation
  4. the order of amino acids is determined by the DNA code
  5. mutation
  1. a a new technology used to alter the genetic instructions of organisms
  2. b going from mRNA to protein
  3. c amino acids -> shape -> function
  4. d an alteration in a sequence of DNA
    -change the normal message carried by the gene, causing a defect
    - they are random
    -affect the synthesis of proteins, which causes malfunctions in the cell. EX.) sickle cell anemia is caused by a substitution in the cell
    -can cause cell death
  5. e selective breeding and gene manipulation

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  1. -every body cell contains a complete set of identical genetic instructions
    -cells have selective activation of only the genes necessary for that cell
    - the environment can also affect the expression of genes
  2. share all genes from one parent (identical/clones)
  3. -the traits inherited by an individual can be determined from one pare of genes or by several pairs of genes
    -some gene pairs can influence more than just one trait
    -some traits are observable, while others are not (examples: hair or eye color, ability to produce insulin, or types of receptors on cell membranes)
  4. is an organic molecule made of many small subunits called nucleotides (monomers)
    -double helix molecule
  5. to build

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  1. genetic recombinationallows for offspring with high variation


  2. after DNA is replicated..insertion, detection, or substitution


  3. 4 nitrogenous basesA,T,G and C (Adrenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytostine)
    A and T, G and C
    -sequence of bases in a DNA molecule forms a coded message


  4. DNA bases are held by...weak hydrogen bonds with may be broken to split into DNA into two single strands


  5. if a cell survives a mutation...the changed instructions will be passed on to all cells coming from in


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