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  1. replication produces...
  2. protein synthesis
  3. translation
  4. mRNA
  5. genetic engineering
  1. a going from mRNA to protein
  2. b single stranded, contains U instead of T, for uracil
  3. c two identical copies of the cell's genetic information
  4. d to build
  5. e a new technology used to alter the genetic instructions of organisms

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  1. move specific amino acids to the ribosome, which are strung together to make a protein (transfer RNA)
  2. selective breeding and gene manipulation
  3. is an organic molecule made of many small subunits called nucleotides (monomers)
    -double helix molecule
  4. allows for offspring with high variation
  5. are sequences of DNA that contain a code of instructions for a specific trait
    -a human cell contains many thousands of different genes, located on chromosomes, in its nucleus

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  1. new DNA molecules are made by...weak hydrogen bonds with may be broken to split into DNA into two single strands


  2. for mutations to be inherited by offspring (sexual reproduction)...they can only be in sex cells, only sex mutations in sex cells can be inherited


  3. gel electrophoresis-every body cell contains a complete set of identical genetic instructions
    -cells have selective activation of only the genes necessary for that cell
    - the environment can also affect the expression of genes


  4. DNA must be able to...weak hydrogen bonds with may be broken to split into DNA into two single strands


  5. sexual reproductionshare all genes from one parent (identical/clones)


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