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  1. human traits
  2. if a cell survives a mutation...
  3. each subunit contains...
  4. genes
  5. gel electrophoresis
  1. a are sequences of DNA that contain a code of instructions for a specific trait
    -a human cell contains many thousands of different genes, located on chromosomes, in its nucleus
  2. b a sugar, phosphate, and a nitrogenous base
  3. c technique used to separate DNA
  4. d -the traits inherited by an individual can be determined from one pare of genes or by several pairs of genes
    -some gene pairs can influence more than just one trait
    -some traits are observable, while others are not (examples: hair or eye color, ability to produce insulin, or types of receptors on cell membranes)
  5. e the changed instructions will be passed on to all cells coming from in

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  1. an alteration in a sequence of DNA
    -change the normal message carried by the gene, causing a defect
    - they are random
    -affect the synthesis of proteins, which causes malfunctions in the cell. EX.) sickle cell anemia is caused by a substitution in the cell
    -can cause cell death
  2. special enzymes (restriction enzymes) cut DNA at specific sequences, which allows the DNA to be spliced or inserted, into a new organism
    -organisms will make proteins that express the new trait, and pass it on to their offspring
  3. to build
  4. a template for a new DNA molecule to be made
  5. attaching matching base pairs of DNA to each template

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  1. mRNAsingle stranded, contains U instead of T, for uracil


  2. for mutations to be inherited by offspring (sexual reproduction)...share all genes from one parent (identical/clones)


  3. transcriptiongoing from DNA to mRNA


  4. DNA bases are held by...weak hydrogen bonds with may be broken to split into DNA into two single strands


  5. DNAsingle stranded, contains U instead of T, for uracil


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