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  1. gene manipulation
  2. genetic recombination
  3. mutations are due to...
  4. 4 nitrogenous bases
  5. how does gene manipulation happen?
  1. a insertion, detection, or substitution
  2. b A,T,G and C (Adrenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytostine)
    A and T, G and C
    -sequence of bases in a DNA molecule forms a coded message
  3. c organisms have been genetically engineered to possess certain traits
    -flowers resistant to bugs
    -bacteria that feed on chemicals in oil spills
    -bacteria that produce HGH and insulin
    -plants resistant to herbicides
  4. d special enzymes (restriction enzymes) cut DNA at specific sequences, which allows the DNA to be spliced or inserted, into a new organism
    -organisms will make proteins that express the new trait, and pass it on to their offspring
  5. e allows for offspring with high variation

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  1. selective breeding and gene manipulation
  2. producing domestic animals and new variations of plants with desirable traits
    -animals are breed to contain less fat
    -fruits to be larger, sweeter, and longer lasting
  3. to build
  4. weak hydrogen bonds with may be broken to split into DNA into two single strands
  5. going from DNA to mRNA

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  1. DNA moleculescontain the genetic code for all organisms


  2. for mutations to be inherited by offspring (sexual reproduction)...share all genes from one parent (identical/clones)


  3. asexual reproductioncontain half their genetic code from one parent and half from the other, making them similar but NOT identical


  4. replication produces...two identical copies of the cell's genetic information


  5. new DNA molecules are made by...attaching matching base pairs of DNA to each template


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