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World civ 14.1 Test

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  1. Reasons to join the Crusades
  2. Seljuq Turks
  3. Pope Urban II
  4. Why did the Venetians want to attack Zadar?
  5. What did Phillip II do after the Crusade?
  1. a Called the Crusades in Clermont, France
  2. b Save their souls and go straight to heaven; gain land and wealth in Palestine and Asia
  3. c Muslim people from Central Asia, gained control of Palestine, threatened Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire
  4. d ThBecause Zadar was a rival port to the Venetians who persuaded the Crusaders to attack it. They succeeded.
  5. e After quarreling with Richard, he went back to England and seized parts of France

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  1. The power of the European kings got stronger because since a lot of knights died, the kings took their land and therefore, directly owned more of the kingdom. This helped bring an end to feudalism. The Christian Church also became stronger because the Popes took on more Importance
  2. In 1187, the Muslim Leader Saladin regained Jerusalem. Main players: Barbarossa, Phillip II, and King Richard I. Lasted from 1189-1192.
  3. 1212
  4. A series of military expeditions to regain the
    Holy Land
  5. The first

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  1. First Crusade1096-1099; French and Italian Lords; captured Antioch and Jerusalem; killed all of the Jews and Muslims


  2. What were some problems with the Children's Crusade?If they didn't die on the way there, some were sent home by the Pope. Others made it to Southern France and were tricked into boarding ships where they were sold into slavery


  3. What happened to the children of the children's crusade?The children had no training, equipment, or supplies


  4. What did the truce between Saladin and Richard I allow?The Crusaders could control some towns along the Palestinian coast and Christians could enter Jerusalem freely


  5. How did Barbarossa die?Drowned on the way to the Holy Land and his army turned back


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