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  1. Pope Urban II
  2. Reasons to join the Crusades
  3. How did Barbarossa die?
  4. The only successful crusade
  5. The Third Crusade
  1. a The first
  2. b Called the Crusades in Clermont, France
  3. c Save their souls and go straight to heaven; gain land and wealth in Palestine and Asia
  4. d Drowned on the way to the Holy Land and his army turned back
  5. e In 1187, the Muslim Leader Saladin regained Jerusalem. Main players: Barbarossa, Phillip II, and King Richard I. Lasted from 1189-1192.

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  1. The Europeans learned New ways to wage war. They could undermine walls, learned about catapults, and learned about gunpowder from the Muslims and Byzantines
  2. Main players: Pope Innocent III, French knights. In 1204 the Crusaders attacked Constantiniple. The city stayed under Western control for 60 years but was regained by the Byzantines. The Turks took Constantinople in 1453.
  3. The crossbow
  4. 1212
  5. Europeans gained much of the Holy Land; they set up feudalism; the Christians and Muslims lived alongside eachother

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  1. CruciataA series of military expeditions to regain the
    Holy Land


  2. Until what year did the Crusades continue?1291


  3. Where we're most of the Children of the Childrens Crusade from?France and Germany


  4. What did the truce between Saladin and Richard I allow?The Crusaders could control some towns along the Palestinian coast and Christians could enter Jerusalem freely


  5. How did the Crusades end?The Muslims captured the city of Acre which was the last Christian city in the Holy Land


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