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  1. What can be added to change the constitution?
  2. 8th Amendment
  3. Who does the President nominate? Who approves them?
  4. Why did political parties form?
  5. Checks and Balances
  1. a justices; the senate approves them
  2. b because Hamilton thought should have a stronger central government and Jefferson wanted less
  3. c keeps any one branch from becoming too powerful or misusing its authority
  4. d amendments
  5. e protect against excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishment

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  1. government gets power from people
  2. a. favored Constitution
    b. wanted strong central government
  3. a. 2 year term
    b. 435 serve
  4. State, Treasury and War Departments
    - Heads made up Cabinet to advise President
  5. President

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  1. Who was the Attorney General?Edmund Randolph


  2. President of Conventionto fix Articles of Confederation


  3. Who was Secretary of State?Henry Knox


  4. What does the Legislative branch do?Enforces laws, can veto bills passed by Congress, Commander-in-chief of military


  5. 4th Amendmentprotects people against unfair searches


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