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  1. How long do Justices stay in office?
  2. Why do all 3 branches need to work together?
  3. Who can remove or impeach the President from office?
  4. Democracy
  5. What were the two houses?
  1. a for life
  2. b people rule
  3. c to get things done
  4. d House of Representatives and Senate
  5. e Congress

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  1. equally
  2. protect against excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishment
  3. disagreed with Federalists
  4. 19/21
  5. Must be at least 35, born in U.S., and live in U.S. for previous 14 years

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  1. 1st Amendment:government can only do things listed in Constitution (reserved powers belong to states or people)


  2. Executive Brancheach state has 2 reps


  3. Federalistsa. favored Constitution
    b. wanted strong central government


  4. Constitutioneach state has 2 reps


  5. Slavery: 3/5 Compromise -for every 5 slaves, 3 counted as citizens


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