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  1. Checks and Balances
  2. Who was the first President and Vice President of the United States?
  3. How many Supreme Court Justices are there?
  4. Why do all 3 branches need to work together?
  5. Shays's Rebellion
  1. a to get things done
  2. b keeps any one branch from becoming too powerful or misusing its authority
  3. c George Washington/John Adams
  4. d Daniel Shays led group of farmers to take over Massachusetts arsenal
  5. e 9

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  1. a. House of Representatives
    b. Senate
  2. House of Representatives and Senate
  3. protects people's right to grand jury, can't be tried twice for same crime, can't be forced to speak against themselves, etc.
  4. a. 2 year term
    b. 435 serve
  5. right to speedy and public trials, know charges against them, etc.

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  1. How many states need to approve an amendment?9 of 13


  2. New Jersey Planevery state has same number of representatives


  3. June 21, 1788New Hampshire was 9th state to ratify


  4. How long do Justices stay in office?Thomas Jefferson


  5. How must Justices apply laws to every person?for life


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