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  1. Democracy
  2. Amendment ___ says all females over ____ an vote
  3. Preamble
  4. The U.S. Capital was move where?
  5. What does the Executive Branch do?
  1. a Enforces laws, can veto bills passed by Congress, Commander-in-chief of military
  2. b written by Gouverneur Morris
  3. c people rule
  4. d 19/21
  5. e Washington, D.C.

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  1. right to trial by jury
  2. protects freedom of religion, speech, press, right to petition the government and to assemble
  3. to fix Articles of Confederation
  4. because Hamilton thought should have a stronger central government and Jefferson wanted less
  5. Thomas Jefferson

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  1. 4th Amendmentprotects people against unfair searches


  2. A proposal to change or ammend the constitution needs what in Congress?amendments


  3. House of Representativesnumber of reps. based on population


  4. Why do all 3 branches need to work together?to get things done


  5. Which state was the first to ratify the Constitution?9 of 13


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