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History Chapter 10 Test

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  1. 4th Amendment
  2. Bill of Rights added by 1791 to
  3. Which state was the first to ratify the Constitution?
  4. The U.S. Capital was move where?
  5. Legislative Branch
  1. a Washington, D.C.
  2. b protects people against unfair searches
  3. c Delaware
  4. d protect rights of people - 10 amendments
  5. e Congress

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  1. 2/3 vote or by national convention called by 2/3 of states and approved by Congress
  2. written by Gouverneur Morris
  3. to fix Articles of Confederation
  4. a. favored Constitution
    b. wanted strong central government
  5. Henry Knox

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  1. 6th Amendmentprotects people against unfair searches


  2. Shays's Rebellion made some think...Daniel Shays led group of farmers to take over Massachusetts arsenal


  3. How many Supreme Court Justices are there?4 years


  4. Who was the Attorney General?Alexander Hamilton


  5. Senatewritten by Gouverneur Morris


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