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  1. What does the Executive Branch do?
  2. 9th Amendment
  3. Slavery: 3/5 Compromise -
  4. 7th Amendment
  5. Who can remove or impeach the President from office?
  1. a people have other rights not listed in Constitution
  2. b for every 5 slaves, 3 counted as citizens
  3. c Enforces laws, can veto bills passed by Congress, Commander-in-chief of military
  4. d Congress
  5. e right to trial by jury

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  1. George Washington
  2. central and state governments share powers
  3. Daniel Shays led group of farmers to take over Massachusetts arsenal
  4. Edmund Randolph
  5. each state has 2 reps

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  1. Amendment ___ says the voting age is_____26/18


  2. Legislative BranchCongress


  3. Popular Sovereigntydivided Congress into two houses


  4. 3rd Amendmentgovernment can't force people to house soldiers in peace time


  5. Amendment ___ says all males over ____ an vote15/21


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