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  1. George Washington was
  2. Why did political parties form?
  3. What can be added to change the constitution?
  4. What does the Legislative branch do?
  5. Who was the Secretary of Treasury?
  1. a the first president to be unanimously voted into office
  2. b amendments
  3. c because Hamilton thought should have a stronger central government and Jefferson wanted less
  4. d Alexander Hamilton
  5. e a. makes laws
    b. raises army/navy
    c. delares war
    d. controls commerce

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  1. 9
  2. protects people against unfair searches
  3. New Hampshire was 9th state to ratify
  4. 3/4
  5. the national government couldn't keep order or protect them

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  1. Executive BranchPresident


  2. 5th Amendmentpeople have other rights not listed in Constitution


  3. Why do all 3 branches need to work together?House of Representatives and Senate


  4. 8th Amendmentprotect against excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishment


  5. Legislative Branch is made up of...Congress


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