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  1. 1st Amendment:
  2. What are the 3 levels of Government?
  3. Separation of Powers
  4. 7th Amendment
  5. What does the Executive Branch do?
  1. a a. Federal
    b. State
    c. Loal
  2. b right to trial by jury
  3. c protects freedom of religion, speech, press, right to petition the government and to assemble
  4. d 3 branches of government
    a. Legislative Branch
    b. Executive Branch
    c. Judicial Branch
  5. e Enforces laws, can veto bills passed by Congress, Commander-in-chief of military

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  1. every state has same number of representatives
  2. protects people's rights to have weapons
  3. written by Gouverneur Morris
  4. New Hampshire was 9th state to ratify
  5. a. makes laws
    b. raises army/navy
    c. delares war
    d. controls commerce

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  1. Democracyeach state has 2 reps


  2. Amendment ___ says the voting age is_____26/18


  3. House of Representativesto fix Articles of Confederation


  4. Judicial BranchSupreme Court


  5. Legislative Branch is made up of...Congress


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