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  1. Great Compromise
  2. Slavery: 3/5 Compromise -
  3. 6th Amendment
  4. Justices have the power to strike down what?
  5. 10th Amendment
  1. a divided Congress into two houses
  2. b right to speedy and public trials, know charges against them, etc.
  3. c government can only do things listed in Constitution (reserved powers belong to states or people)
  4. d for every 5 slaves, 3 counted as citizens
  5. e any law that goes against the Constitution

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  1. 2/3 vote or by national convention called by 2/3 of states and approved by Congress
  2. for life
  3. central and state governments share powers
  4. to get things done
  5. a. makes laws
    b. raises army/navy
    c. delares war
    d. controls commerce

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  1. Who was the Secretary of Treasury?Thomas Jefferson


  2. 8th Amendmentprotects people's right to grand jury, can't be tried twice for same crime, can't be forced to speak against themselves, etc.


  3. Bill of Rights added by 1791 toprotect rights of people - 10 amendments


  4. What are the requirements to be President?a. Federal
    b. State
    c. Loal


  5. Shays's Rebellion made some think...a. House of Representatives
    b. Senate


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