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  1. Popular Sovereignty
  2. Executive Branch
  3. 3rd Amendment
  4. Legislative Branch
  5. Who was Secretary of State?
  1. a Congress
  2. b government gets power from people
  3. c government can't force people to house soldiers in peace time
  4. d Thomas Jefferson
  5. e President

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  1. divided Congress into two houses
  2. the national government couldn't keep order or protect them
  3. to fix Articles of Confederation
  4. plan of government
  5. George Washington

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  1. New Jersey Planpeople rule


  2. How many states need to approve an amendment?3/4


  3. How many states had to ratify the Constitution?9 of 13


  4. Slavery: 3/5 Compromise -divided Congress into two houses


  5. How must Justices apply laws to every person?equally


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