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  1. premptory
  2. insolent
  3. denizen
  4. prodigality
  5. meretricious
  1. a tastelessly showy
  2. b an occupant; inhabitant
  3. c excessive spending
  4. d putting an end to all debate or action, not allowing contradiction or refusal
  5. e marked by casual disrespect

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  1. of momentous or ominous significance
  2. scornful, haughty
  3. characteristic of an owner of property; constituting property
  4. confuses
  5. uncontrollable, easily irritated or annoyed

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  1. commensuratecorresponding in size or degree or extent


  2. debaucherycorruption; self-indulgence


  3. tumultuouslacking definition or definite content


  4. defunctan occupant; inhabitant


  5. ineffablelacking definition or definite content


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