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  1. Reasons for the incarnation
  2. salvation
  3. the two natures of jesus
  4. Emmanuel
  5. the sacred heart of jesus
  1. a to save
  2. b "God with us"
  3. c devotion to the sacred heart is a reminder to us of the power and truth of the incarnation.
  4. d we can know god, how to live, gods great love for us
  5. e he is the human face of god, is the one and only mediator between humanity and god

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  1. the word became flesh
  2. the union of Jesus' divine and human natures in 1 divine person
  3. yahweh=i am, adonai=kyrios=lord
  4. In the beginning was the word,and the word was with god, and the word was god
  5. when the angel appears to mary that she will bear a son

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  1. jesus fufills the lawjesus perfects the law, reveals their ultimate meaning and redeems any sins people had committed against them


  2. Assumptiongod brought her whole-body and soul-into heaven


  3. Word-Logosyahweh=i am, adonai=kyrios=lord


  4. Holy day of obligationwhen the angel appears to mary that she will bear a son


  5. redeemerwas one who paid the ransom to free a slave


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