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  1. Immaculate conception
  2. the sacred heart of jesus
  3. Hypostatic union
  4. Word-Logos
  5. Theotokos
  1. a "Mother of God',"God bearer"; oldest title of mary
  2. b Mary's natural conception in her mothers womb at which moment was also perserved from the stain of orginal sin through gods grace
  3. c devotion to the sacred heart is a reminder to us of the power and truth of the incarnation.
  4. d the union of Jesus' divine and human natures in 1 divine person
  5. e referencing the second person of the trinity-jesus

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  1. jesus perfects the law, reveals their ultimate meaning and redeems any sins people had committed against them
  2. the word became flesh
  3. was one who paid the ransom to free a slave
  4. her yes to god made our salvation possible, shes the worthy vessel that bears the son of god our savior
  5. we can know god, how to live, gods great love for us

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  1. Emmanuel"God with us"


  2. Mediatora messenger, one who works in between


  3. Sanctifiesto be made holy, the process of becoming closer to God


  4. Holy day of obligationwhen the angel appears to mary that she will bear a son


  5. Assumptionto save


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