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  1. restrict
  2. seniority system
  3. elastic clause
  4. representative
  5. defend
  1. a to protect from attack or harm
  2. b appointing people to jobs based on years of service
  3. c to limit
  4. d a member of the House of Representatives
  5. e a part of the Constitution that gives that Congress power to make laws as needed

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  1. to accuse or charge a public official of misconduct
  2. to bring a meeting to an end
  3. a quality that is needed or required
  4. a period of time for carrying out a duty
  5. lasting a long time or forever

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  1. residenta person who lives in a place


  2. standarda period of time for carrying out a duty


  3. minoritya group that is a smaller part of something


  4. yesshould I study for the test


  5. servea period of time for carrying out a duty


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