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  1. resident
  2. reject
  3. requirement
  4. restrict
  5. impeach
  1. a a person who lives in a place
  2. b a quality that is needed or required
  3. c to limit
  4. d to accuse or charge a public official of misconduct
  5. e to refuse to accept

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  1. to spend a period of time carrying out a duty
  2. the period of time each year when Congress meets
  3. to control or direct
  4. the act or operation of a person or group
  5. lasting a long time or forever

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  1. economic depressiona time of low business activity and high unemployment


  2. defendto protect from attack or harm


  3. representativea member of the House of Representatives


  4. elastic clausecapable of being bent or changed


  5. admitauthority to take action; the right to decide


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