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  1. session
  2. impeach
  3. permanent
  4. regulate
  5. restrict
  1. a to accuse or charge a public official of misconduct
  2. b the period of time each year when Congress meets
  3. c to control or direct
  4. d to limit
  5. e lasting a long time or forever

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  1. a period of time for carrying out a duty
  2. a member of the House of Representatives
  3. capable of being bent or changed
  4. when a bill is dropped because the President doesn't act in it
  5. a rule or model that is set to control quality, size, or how something is done

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  1. joint committeea group that is a smaller part of something


  2. functionthe act or operation of a person or group


  3. seniority systemappointing people to jobs based on years of service


  4. defendto protect from attack or harm


  5. citizena person given certain rights, duties, and privileges because he or she was born in, or chooses to live in a city, state or country


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