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  1. Any material that can flow and take shape of its container. This includes- Liquids and gases.
  2. Why does liquid travel up a straw when you drink from it? Because as pressure decreases the water pressure increases.
  3. As the speed of a moving fluid increases, its pressure decreases. A frisbee works like this, and a boomerang to.
  4. This comes from the air lifting the plane.
  5. The buoyant force on an object in a fluid is an upward force equal to the weight of the volume of the fluid that the object displace- displace means " take the place of"
  6. The metric (SI) unit for pressure. Abbreviation: Pa.

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  1. PressurePressure only depends on the depth of the fluid, not the total amount present.


  2. ThrustThis comes from the air lifting the plane.


  3. PressureThis= Force divided by Area. Square meter/ n divided by meter2


  4. Atmospheric pressureAn amount of force exerted on a given area.


  5. PressureThe metric (SI) unit for pressure. Abbreviation: Pa.


  6. FluidsAll fluids exert pressure. Pressure is created by the particles in a fluid pushing against each other and the sides of whatever container they are in. Fluids exert pressure equally in all directions.


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