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  1. This comes from the air lifting the plane.
  2. As the speed of a moving fluid increases, its pressure decreases. A frisbee works like this, and a boomerang to.
  3. Why does liquid travel up a straw when you drink from it? Because as pressure decreases the water pressure increases.
  4. A change in pressure at any point in an enclosed fluid will be transmitted equally to all parts of that fluid. Uses and examples: brakes, power, lifters, etc. Liquids are best used in hydraulic devices because they cannot be compressed into smaller spaces like gases can.
  5. The upward force that fluids exert on all matter. Buoyant Force is caused by differences in fluid pressure.
  6. All fluids exert pressure. Pressure is created by the particles in a fluid pushing against each other and the sides of whatever container they are in. Fluids exert pressure equally in all directions.

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  1. PressureBecause pressure increases with depth, the pressure on the bottom of the object is greater that n the pressure on the top. Therefore, there is a net upward force on the object.


  2. FluidAny material that can flow and take shape of its container. This includes- Liquids and gases.


  3. Atmospheric pressureThis= Force divided by Area. Square meter/ n divided by meter2


  4. DensityThe amount of matter in a certain volume. Water is more dense than air; and therefore, it exerts more pressure.


  5. DragThis comes from air resistance.


  6. Force, Pressure, and AreaThis= Force divided by Area. Square meter/ n divided by meter2


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