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  1. Cottail Effect
  2. Executive Order
  3. Pres Disability
  4. Executive Agreement
  5. Chief Politician
  1. a 1. Leads party
  2. b Pres directive that defines new policies or carries out existing laws, Supreme Court can declare it unconstitutional, requires $ and needs Congressional Approval
  3. c ability of politician in office to get or not get votes for another politician
  4. d VP can take over when notified w/ letter by Pres that he can no longer carry out his duties, If Pres id unwilling/unable to write letter, VP can take over w/ approval of majority of cabinet (8), which can be challenged by Pres - Pres stays Pres and Congress has 21 days to decide Pres or VP (if no decision, Pres remains), 2/3 vote of House and Senate needed to keep VP
  5. e deals with foreign policy, not approved by Senate

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  1. Pres will check w/ Senators of their party or of his home state
  2. provides procedure for electing Pres and VP
  3. Pres can fill jobs, some require Senate approval
    can fire anyone he appoints except fed judges and heads or regulatory agencies
  4. 1. Proposes legislation
  5. 1. Administers government programs

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  1. Salary of VP$202,000 per year


  2. Power of Pardon - 4 aspects1. stated in Constitution
    2. only applies to federal law
    3. cannot be challenged
    4. applies to anything except impeachment


  3. Commuted Sentencemeeting of all world leaders to discuss world issues, Pres goes to as Chief Diplomat


  4. ReprievePres grants legal forgiveness before sentence is served


  5. Chief Diplomat1. Establishes foreign policy
    2. Writes treaties
    3. Grants recognition to new governments


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