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  1. Cabinet
  2. War Powers Act
  3. Chief Jurist
  4. Veto
  5. Federal Register
  1. a passed over Nixon's veto in 1973, Pres w/in 48 hours must tell Congress what he is doing and why, Congress can stop him by signing a Resolution, if told to get out, Pres has 30 days to do so
  2. b 1. Enforces court decisions
    2. Exercises right of pardon
    3. Appoints federal judges
  3. c 15 Cabinets today, must be nominated by Pres and appointed by the Senate to become head of a department, all heads are named Secretary except for the Justice Department which is called Attorney General
  4. d document issued daily, containing all Executive Orders
  5. e Pres can veto anything passed by the House or Senate, but a Pres Veto can be overridden with 2/3 vote of both Houses

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  1. every year in January, Pres gives this speech to the House and Senate, telling where is the US is at, where it ought to be and how to get there
  2. ability of politician in office to get or not get votes for another politician
  3. 1. Administers government programs
  4. 1. Establishes foreign policy
    2. Writes treaties
    3. Grants recognition to new governments
  5. Pres can grant pardon to a group of people

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  1. Patronage PowerPres directive that defines new policies or carries out existing laws, Supreme Court can declare it unconstitutional, requires $ and needs Congressional Approval


  2. Coup D'Etatviolent overthrow of government, Pres has to decide whether to grant diplomatic recognition to overthrown country


  3. Salary of VP$400,000 a year


  4. Line Item VetoPres grants legal forgiveness before sentence is served


  5. Executive Agreementdeals with foreign policy, not approved by Senate


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