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  1. Pres Succession
  2. Electoral College
  3. 22nd Amendment
  4. Chief Diplomat
  5. Salary of Pres
  1. a 1951, Pres can serve 2 terms, up yo 10 years
  2. b 1. Establishes foreign policy
    2. Writes treaties
    3. Grants recognition to new governments
  3. c ?
  4. d if VP is empty, Pres nominates who he wants, which has to be approved by majority of the House and Senate
  5. e $400,000 a year

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  1. usually selected for balancing the ticket, only duty is to preside over Senate and in case of a tie, VP acts as a tiebreaker, 1949 law passed by Congress made VP permanent member of National Security Council
  2. Pres cuts off at time served, doesn't clean record
  3. 1967, Pres Disability and Pres Succession
  4. ability to reject only parts of a bill and allow the rest, most state governors have this, but the Pres does not
  5. Pres directive that defines new policies or carries out existing laws, Supreme Court can declare it unconstitutional, requires $ and needs Congressional Approval

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  1. Reprievenot appointed by Pres, but have jobs to advise him


  2. Chief of State1. stands as symbol for country: for people and ideas
    2. Ceremonial Duties


  3. Chief Jurist1. Proposes legislation


  4. Chief Politician1. Leads party


  5. Federal Registerdocument issued daily, containing all Executive Orders


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