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  1. C, H, O, N, S and P
  2. photosynthesis
  3. biogenesis
  4. abiogenesis
  5. parasites
  1. a spontaneous generation.
  2. b elements required for all living organisms.
  3. c living things arise only from others of their same kind.
  4. d microbes that are harbored and nourished in the bodies of larger organisms.
  5. e light-fueled conversion of carbon dioxide to organic material.

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  1. any agent that causes disease. (virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, or helminth)
  2. feeds self on own, capable of photosynthesis.
  3. completely free of all life forms including spores, and viruses.
  4. 5 Kingdoms
  5. dominant organisms found on earth, found in almost every habitat on earth. (ubiquitous)

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  1. epidemiologystugy of algae.


  2. hostscollection of statements, propositions, or concepts that explains or accounts for a natural event.


  3. mycologystugy of algae.


  4. theoryorganism in which smaller organisms or viruses live, feed and reproduce.


  5. hypothesistentative explanation of what has been observed or measured. (primary aim of scientific method)


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