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  1. Vice President
  2. Amendment 21
  3. Bill of Rights
  4. Amendment 2
  5. Veto
  1. a 1st 10 amendments, protects people's individual and civil rights
  2. b right to bear arms
  3. c President rejects a bill passed by Congress. Congress can override with 2/3 vote
  4. d President of the Senate, only votes to break a tie, takes over presidency if president is unable to serve a full term
  5. e Prohibition repealed

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  1. women can vote
  2. 100 senators, 2 per state, equal representation
  3. goals of the Constitution
  4. right to trial by jury with witnesses and a lawyer
  5. declares laws constitutional or unconstitutional, interprets the law

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  1. Presidenta change to the Constitution, there have been 27 of them, passed by 2/3 of Congress,
    ratified by ¾ of states.


  2. Amendment 5right to due process


  3. Checks and Balanceskeeps all 3 branches equal Examples: Senate must approve presidential appointments, the President can veto laws passed by Congress, Supreme Court can declare laws unconstitutional


  4. Impeachaccuse an official of crimes and bring them to trial. House impeaches, Senate holds trial can only be removed from office and barred from holding office if convicted.


  5. Amendment 4search and seizure/police must have a warrant and a probable cause.


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