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  1. Supreme Court
  2. Amendment 2
  3. Amendment 4
  4. Checks and Balances
  5. Bill of Rights
  1. a 1st 10 amendments, protects people's individual and civil rights
  2. b right to bear arms
  3. c keeps all 3 branches equal Examples: Senate must approve presidential appointments, the President can veto laws passed by Congress, Supreme Court can declare laws unconstitutional
  4. d search and seizure/police must have a warrant and a probable cause.
  5. e 9 justices who serve for life

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  1. Rights not given to federal government given to states
  2. raise taxes, declare war, coin money, issue patents
  3. no quartering of troops
  4. citizen if born in the U.S., Bill of Rights applies to states
  5. women can vote

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  1. Amendment 1freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition


  2. Cabinetadvisers to the president


  3. Powers of the Presidentraise taxes, declare war, coin money, issue patents


  4. Amendmenta change to the Constitution, there have been 27 of them, passed by 2/3 of Congress,
    ratified by ¾ of states.


  5. Amendment 13slavery abolished


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