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  1. Amendment 1
  2. Amendment 8
  3. Amendment 2
  4. Amendment 26
  5. Amendment 18
  1. a right to bear arms
  2. b Prohibition, alcohol not allowed in U.S.
  3. c freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition
  4. d No cruel and unusual punishment
  5. e 18 to vote

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  1. citizen if born in the U.S., Bill of Rights applies to states
  2. Congress can make laws that are necessary and proper
  3. President of the Senate, only votes to break a tie, takes over presidency if president is unable to serve a full term
  4. President rejects a bill passed by Congress. Congress can override with 2/3 vote
  5. 100 senators, 2 per state, equal representation

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  1. Amendment 4right to due process


  2. Amendment 6right to trial by jury with witnesses and a lawyer


  3. Legislative Branch/CongressMakes laws, two houses: House of Representatives & Senate


  4. Bill of Rights1st 10 amendments, protects people's individual and civil rights


  5. Executive Branchcarries out/enforces the law


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