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  1. Amendment 13
  2. Amendment 8
  3. Amendment 14
  4. Powers of Congress
  5. President
  1. a citizen if born in the U.S., Bill of Rights applies to states
  2. b No cruel and unusual punishment
  3. c raise taxes, declare war, coin money, issue patents
  4. d slavery abolished
  5. e must be 35 years old and a natural born citizen, 1 term is 4 years

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  1. women can vote
  2. Congress can make laws that are necessary and proper
  3. 18 to vote
  4. the right to vote
  5. freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition

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  1. Impeachaccuse an official of crimes and bring them to trial. House impeaches, Senate holds trial can only be removed from office and barred from holding office if convicted.


  2. Supreme Court9 justices who serve for life


  3. Amendment 6right to trial by jury with witnesses and a lawyer


  4. Judicial Branchdeclares laws constitutional or unconstitutional, interprets the law


  5. Executive Branchcarries out/enforces the law


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