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  1. aerobic
  2. Staphylococcus aureus
  3. chlorine
  4. Trickling filter
  5. Radiation
  1. a high energy/ionizing radiation. Gamma rays. Knock electrons away from atoms. Creates very reactive free radicals that damage cell components. Kills cells
  2. b secondary treatment. Manipulate the environment to promote growth of microogranism that degrades organics. Use ____ microbes to produce carbon dioxide and water.
  3. c A way to add oxygen so that aerobic microbes will use up oxygen. Water sprayed from rotating booming water trickles through deep bed rocks. Pick up oxygen on rock-layers (biofilm) of decomposers. Remove organics as water passes
  4. d (species) bacteria that grow in food, orginally from skin. Secrete toxin into food that induces vomiting and diarrhea. Self-limiting. Associated with SALTY foods.
  5. e Disinfection after secondary treatment depends on next use. Bleach, compressed gas. Very effective disinfectant that oxidizes everything such as proteins. Use at the end, inactivated by excess organics. Don't want to kill beneficial decomposers

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  1. Disinfection after secondary treatment depends on next use. Causes fatal mutations
  2. treating "clarified" water. COntains microbe, possible pathogens, dissolved organics, suspended organics.
  3. (species) bacteria found in soil. Anaerobic in can food. Causes paralysis
  4. Disinfection after secondary treatment depends on next use. Most effective way to remove giardia and cryptosporidium
  5. pathogens are trapped in floc. They get killed by _________: protozoans eat bacteria

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  1. 72C for 15 sechigh temp, short time (HTST)


  2. canninginverted by N.Appert, big prize from napoleon. Heating of food in bottles and seal it. Main concern now is growth from any surviving bacterial spores.


  3. anaerobic sludge digestertake care of solids leftover from secondary treatment. Rate of digestion is slower than secondary, metaoblism is less efficient, but faster if warmer. Heated to 95-100F. Does reduce final volume of solid, Some molecules can only be decomposed by this. End product: carbon dioxide and METHANE


  4. Pseudomonas(Genus) spoil meat, secrete green fluorescent slime.


  5. stable sludgeOrganic acids. Added to fruits, margarine, meat


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