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During the 1952 presidential campaign, Republican candidate Dwight Eisenhower declared that he would ____ to help to tend the Korean War.

personally got to Korea

Dwight Eisenhower's greatest asset as president was his

enjoyment of the affection and respect of the American people

The record would seem to indicate that President Eisenhower's strongest commitment during his presidency was to

social harmony

In response to Senator McCarthy, President Eisenhower

publicly denounced him when he attacked General George Marshall

Senator McCarthy rose to national prominence by

charging that dozens of know Communists were working within the State Department

As a result of Senator McCarthy's crusade against communist subversion in the US

the state department lost a number of Asian specialists who might have might have counseled a wiser course in Vietnam

Senator McCarthy's anti-communist crusade ended when he

alleged that there were communists in the army

In an effort to overturn Jim Craw laws ans the segregated system that they had created, African Americans used all of the following methods except

appeals to foreign governments to pressure the US to establish racial justice

Which one of the following is LEAST related to the other three

Orval Faubus (related are nonviolent direct action, Martin Luther Kin, Jr., Rosa Parks, Mongomery bus boycott)

The Supreme Court began to advance the cause of civil rights in the 1950s because

the constitution clearly prohibited any segregation

In the epochal 1954 decision in Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, the Supreme Court

declared that the concept of "separate but equal" facilities for blacks and whites was unconstitutional

The 1954 Supreme Court case that ruled racially segregated school systems "inherently unequal" was

Brown vs. Board of Education

On the subject of racial justice, President Eisenhower

publicly endorsed the 1954 Supreme Court school-desegregation decision

As president, Eisenhower supported

military budget cuts

President eisenhower defined the domestic philosophy of his administration as

dynamic conservatism

Eisenhower's policies toward Native Americans included

a return to the assimilation goals of the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887

Richardson Nixon was selected as Dwight Eisenhower's vice presidential running mate in 1952 as a concession to the

hard line anticommunist

In terms of politics, television did all of the following EXCEPT

enable political parties to continue their role of educating and mobilizing the electorate

Among anticommunists, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy was the

one who most damaged free speech

The largest public works project during Eishenhower's presidency was

construction of the interstate highway system

President Eisenhower's "New Look" foreign policy in the 1950s planned for

greater reliance on air power and the deterrent power of nuclear weapons

In 1956, when Hungary revolted against continued dominatin by the Soviet Union, the US under Eisenhower

did nothing to help to defeat the communists

The leader of the nationalist movement in Vietnam since WWI was

Ho Chi Minh

the 1955 Geneva Conference

established a permanent division of Vietnam

In 1956, the US condemned ____ as the agressors in the Suez Canal crisis

Britain and France

During the 1950
s the Central Intelligence Agency engineered pro-American political coups in both

Iran and Guatemala

The 1957 Eisenhower Doctrine empowered the president to extend economic and military aid to nations of ___ that wanted help to resist communist aggression

the Middle East

Which of the following is least related to the other three?

Landrum Griffith Act (related are launching of Sputnik, National Defense Education Act, the "missile gap', National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA))

The Paris summit conference scheduled for 1960 was aborted by the

U-2 incident

What may well have tipped the electoral scales for John F Kennedy in the presidential election of 1960 was

his televised debates with Richard Nixon

When Eisenhower left the presidency in 1961

he remained an extraordinarily popular figure

The affluent life style developed in AMerica during the 1950s stimulated mainly by

the new technology of television

All of the following were harbingers of the emerging new life style of leisure and affluence EXCEPT

the maturity of radio

Compared to WWI, the literacy outpouring from WWII can be best described as

less realistic

Many of the better known American poets in the post WWII ear

ended their lives through suicide

In the 1950s, the work force began to change when

white collar workers outnumbered blue collar workers

Between 1950 and 1980, the majority of newly created jobs in the clerical and service fields were held by


sports reflected the population shift toward West and the South

when baseball's Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants moved to California

In her book, The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan discusses

the stifling boredome of suburban housewifery

The bracero program between the US and Mexico involved

sending illegal aliens back to Mexico

In the 1950s, the key to economic growth rested in


When Eisenhower left the presidency in 1961

he remained an extraordinarily popular figure

The rapid upsurge in the employment of women after 1945 can be attributed mainly to

the expansion of the service sector

Prospects for a Democratic victory in the 1952 presidential election were poor for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

Truman's refusal to seek another term

The cold war seemed to thaw a little when, in 1955, the Soviet Union agreed to

end its military occupation of Austria

In response to the launching of SPutnik by the Soviet Union in 1957

President Eisenhower remarked that this event should not cause "one Iota" of concern

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