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  1. physiocracy
  2. pull factor
  3. which class came to dominate european society after 1492
  4. Thomas Kuhn
  5. what was the primary goal of all individual europeans and groups who came to the americas after 1492:
  1. a The doctrine that land and its products are the only true wealth.
  2. b to make as much money as possible and get rich quick
  3. c merchant- entrpreneurial class which acquired enormous wealth
  4. d (1924-96) The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, development of scientific disciplines is discontinuous, and at critical junctures mass changes occurred/paradigm view
  5. e Attractions that draw migrants to a certain place, such as a pleasant climate and employment or educational opportunities.

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  1. Winds in the Indian ocean move in a clockwise direction while that of Atlantic in anti-clock wise direction. So the design of the Asian and african ships were unsuited for sail in the atlantic
  2. A mercantilist strategy for economic growth in which a country restricts imports in order to spur demand for locally produced goods.
  3. muslim mathematician who produced a book called Optics which revolutionized ideas about vision. he showed that people see objects because rays pass from the objects to the eyes, not vice versa
  4. brazil in the 16th century growing sugar
  5. 13th century Syrian Arab from Damascus
    pioneered sci fi, from Syria; Arab physician who propsed the making of encyclopedia and medical writings and science fiction;

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  1. treaty of tordesillasa 1494 agreement between Portugal and Spain, declaring that newly discovered lands to the west of an imaginary line in the Atlantic Ocean would belong to Spain and newly discovered lands to the east of the line would belong to Portugal.


  2. Potosicity in Peru that was one of the great mining centers in the sixteenth century New World. The Spanish crown was particularly interested in mining because it received one-fifth of all mining revenues


  3. MuqaddimahIbn Khaldun synthesized world history in an Islamic view Called "Muqaddimah" Means introduction. Reflections that advance into the area of theory. Said that cities were held together by the differences of each city. Division of labor. Also villages exist by simplicity where people are the same and depend on each other. Cities need villages and villages need cities.Third kind of people. Live in the desert. Bedouins - means desert nomad Despised by everyone - savages


  4. what specific advantage did the europeans have over non-europeans in arriving at the americas first?locational advantage of being closest to the americas geographically


  5. Laissez-FaireThe process of buying a good in one market at a low price and selling it in another market at a higher price


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