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  1. personification
  2. paragraph
  3. rhyme
  4. metaphor
  5. climax
  1. a a section of a piece of writing, dealing with one topic
  2. b comparison of two unlike things, not using like or as
  3. c A figure of speech in which an object or animal is given human feelings, thoughts, or attitudes
  4. d the repetition of sounds at the ends of words
  5. e Most exciting moment of the story; turning point

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  1. the use of words that imitate sounds
  2. a statement that can be proved
  3. the perspective from which a story is told
  4. What the passage is about; the topic
  5. A word that means the same as another word

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  1. connotationrepeated use of sounds, words, or ideas for effect and emphasis


  2. sensory detailsUse of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and textures to convey meaning


  3. themeMessage or statement about life in the story


  4. internal conflicta character struggles against some outside force: another character, society as a whole, or some natural force


  5. moodthe sequence of events in a story


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