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  1. simile
  2. internal conflict
  3. Basic Situation
  4. climax
  5. conflict
  1. a a problem or struggle within a character; man vs. himself
  2. b a struggle between opposing forces
  3. c comparison of two unline things, using like or as
  4. d part of the plot that gives information about the setting, characters, and conflict.
  5. e Most exciting moment of the story; turning point

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  1. the use of hints and clues to suggest what will happen later in a plot
  2. comparison of two unlike things, not using like or as
  3. Use of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and textures to convey meaning
  4. the overall emotion created by a work of literature
  5. the opposite of what is expected

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  1. facta statement that can be proved


  2. flashbacka scene or event from the past that appears in a narrative out of chronological order, to fill in information or explain something in the present


  3. figurative languagelanguage that is used in writing to produce images in a reader's mind and to express ideas in fresh, vivid, and imaginative ways: alliteration, hyperbole, imagery, simile, metaphor, etc.


  4. analogyconversation between characters


  5. context cluesA vocabulary strategy in which the reader looks at the words around an unfamiliar word to find clues to its meaning.


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