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  1. Lao v. Nichols
  2. rising intonation
  3. aspiration
  4. KELPA
  5. fricatives
  1. a Kansas English Language Proficiency Assessment
  2. b a strong burst of air that accompanies either the release or closure of some consonant sound formed by obstructing airflow
  3. c usually used at the end of questions
  4. d produced by a constant flow of air through the vocal tract (f and v)
  5. e can't discriminate based on language and must provide appropriate educational accommodations to non English speakers.

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  1. memorize words as a whole
  2. make a smooth sound (l and r)
  3. a reading strategy where students dictate stories to the teacher who records them, using students' own vocabulary, grammar, and experiences to form the basic reading material.
  4. affixes that can be added to a morpheme to change its meaning and may change its part of speech
  5. Counselor facilitates and supports students in communicating with a group. Students choose what they want to learn.

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  1. personal pronounsused to relate to another noun in the sentence


  2. Natural Approachmemorize words as a whole


  3. Ethnocentrismlearning is a process of stimulus and response. What is reinforced is repeated


  4. number agreementthe smallest grammatical unit that is indivisible without violating meaning or producing meaningless sounds-dog


  5. SIOP Building BackgroundLinks concepts to background knowledge and to past learning. Emphasize key vocabulary.


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