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  1. False Cognates
  2. CALP
  3. Vgotsky
  4. Basal Reading Approach
  5. NCLB
  1. a requires annual assessments of ELL's in reading and math, requires annual assessments of ELL's proficiency and progress in English and increases state and local accountability for LEP students' progress.
  2. b Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency
  3. c developed "zone of proximal development" theory. Must work at appropriate development level- not to hard or to easy- in order to learn
  4. d skills are taught in a sequential order based on material contained in basal reader
  5. e words that sound similar, but have no meaning in common

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  1. Taught in native language. Focus on memorizing vocabulary translating literature passages.
  2. produced by a constant flow of air through the vocal tract (f and v)
  3. no state shall deny education opportunity b/c of race, color, or national origin by failure of an educational agency to provide services to overcome language barriers that impede participation of students in its instructional programs
  4. b, d, g
  5. Krashen's acquisition theories. Provide low risk context for natural acquisition occur. Teacher teaches in context (theme based)

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  1. Explicit Instructionthe study of language


  2. Sheltered Instructionproviding definitions and examples


  3. blendstwo letters that are pronounced together with each letter retaining it pronunciation


  4. derivational morphemesaffixes that can be added to a morpheme to change its meaning and may change its part of speech


  5. ESOLEnglish as a Second Language


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