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  1. orthography
  2. SIOP Building Background
  3. semantics
  4. Implicit Instruction
  5. NES
  1. a the study of word meanings, idioms, and non-literal expressions
  2. b Links concepts to background knowledge and to past learning. Emphasize key vocabulary.
  3. c Non-English Speaking
  4. d the study of sound and spelling English has a "deep orthography" with many rules and options for letter/sound correspondence
  5. e wide reading is how most new words are acquired

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  1. must be attached to a root word to have meaning (suffixes and prefixes)
  2. Krashen's acquisition theories. Provide low risk context for natural acquisition occur. Teacher teaches in context (theme based)
  3. English to speakers of other Languages
  4. Learn set patterns and then substitute in new words. Stress pronunciation and repetitive drills.
  5. the study of sounds across languages

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  1. passive voicewhen the action is performed by an unknown agent (The papers were carried to the desk)


  2. Sight Word Approachbased on letter-sound correspondence


  3. Language Experience Approachbased on letter-sound correspondence


  4. syntax (grammar)a strong burst of air that accompanies either the release or closure of some consonant sound formed by obstructing airflow


  5. LFSLimited English Speaker


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