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  1. rising intonation
  2. Natural Approach
  3. SIOP Lesson Preparation
  4. ELL
  5. Suggestopedia
  1. a To learn at an accelerated pace for everyday communication. Immersion.
  2. b Krashen's acquisition theories. Provide low risk context for natural acquisition occur. Teacher teaches in context (theme based)
  3. c usually used at the end of questions
  4. d Should have clear content and language objectives. Contents appropriate to age and background. Supplement with materials, and meaningful activities.
  5. e English Language Learner

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  1. a pair of words that differ by only 1 phoneme (dog/bog)
  2. two letter spelling for 1 phoneme
  3. Language Assessment Scale
  4. had theories on comprehensible input (i+1)
  5. providing definitions and examples

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  1. VgotskyEnglish as a Second Language


  2. free morphemesbase in rot words that can stand alone


  3. SIOP StrategiesOpportunities for students to use learning strategies and provide scaffolding. Use a variety of question types to promote higher-order thinking.


  4. SIOP Practice and ApplicationProvide hands-on materials or manipulatives. Activities to apply knowledge, activities that integrate all four language skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening).


  5. NEPNon-English Proficient


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