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  1. Interrogative Pronouns
  2. phoneme
  3. Linguistic Approach
  4. Melting Pot Theory
  5. SIOP Interaction
  1. a Frequent discussion among teacher/students, students/students about the key concepts. Group students to support lesson objectives, provide wait time for student responses.
  2. b used to ask questions
  3. c based on letter-sound correspondence
  4. d when people form other cultures assimilate to the point where their original identities and culture disappear- they become a uniform culture
  5. e the smallest linguistic unit of sound that can signal a difference in meaning

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  1. using singular/plural form of nouns correctly
  2. b, d, g
  3. student population of 2 or more languages (50/50 L1, L2)
  4. developed "zone of proximal development" theory. Must work at appropriate development level- not to hard or to easy- in order to learn
  5. Use speech appropriate to students' proficiency level. Have clear explanation of academic tasks.

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  1. IATEFLInternational Association of Teachers of English as a foreign language


  2. United States code 1703no state shall deny education opportunity b/c of race, color, or national origin by failure of an educational agency to provide services to overcome language barriers that impede participation of students in its instructional programs


  3. BICSBasic Interpersonal Communication Skills


  4. relative pronounused to relate to another noun in the sentence


  5. Constructivismproduced by briefly stopping air and then releasing it with some friction (church)


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