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  1. relocation diffusion
  2. expansion diffusion
  3. epidemic
  4. contagious diffusion
  5. accessibility
  1. a The distance-controlled spreading of an idea, innovation, or some other item through a local population by contact from person to person - analogous to the communication of a contagious illness.
  2. b the spread of an innovation or an idea through a population and the numbers of those influenced rapidly increase
  3. c Sequential diffusion process in which the items being diffused are transmitted by their carrier agents as they evacuate the old areas and relocate to new ones.
  4. d The degree of ease with which it is possible to reach a certian location from other locations. ________ varies from place to place and can be measured.
  5. e Regional outbreak of a disease.

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  1. The sum total of the knowledge, attitudes, and habitual behavior patterns shared and transmitted by the members of a society.
  2. 3rd theme of geography as defined by the geography educational national implementation project; an area on the Earth's surface marked by a degree of formal, functional, or perceptual homogeneity of some phenomenon
  3. One of the two major divisions of systematic geography; the spatial analysis of the structure, processes, and location of Earth's natural phenomena such as climate, soil, plants, animals, and topography.
  4. A logical attempt to explain the ______ional pattern of the economic activity and the manner in which its producing areas are interrelated. The agricultural _____ _______ contained in the von Th√ľnen model is a leading example.
  5. the notion that successive societies leave their cultural imprints on a place, each contributing to the cumulative cultural landscape

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  1. spatial distributionBoth Complementarity ( A condition that exists when two regions, through an exchange of raw materials and/ or finished products, can specifically satisfy each other's demands) and Intervening Opportunity (The presence of a nearer opportunity that greatly diminishes the attractiveness of sites farther away).


  2. placethe design of spatial distribution


  3. relative location1st theme, the geographical position of people & things on the Earths surface affects what happens & why


  4. cultural complexHeartland, source area, innovation center; place of origin of a major culture.


  5. patternthe design of spatial distribution


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