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  1. joint-stock company
  2. Prince Henry
  3. favorable balance of trade
  4. Atahualpa
  5. conquistador
  1. a spanish explorers who followed Cort├ęs. colonized in Mexico, South America, U.S., first European settlers in America.
  2. b investors buy shares of stock to reduce risks of investing money in colonization. responsible for establishing Jamestown; England's first North American colony.
  3. c Incan ruler. forces crushed. kidnapped and strangled after converting to Christianity.
  4. d country sells more goods than it buys. ultimate goal to become self-sufficient, not dependent on other countries for goods. colonies played role of supplier and provided a market.
  5. e Portuguese supporter of exploration. founded navigational school, sought wealth outside Europe.

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  1. early portuguese explorer. hoped to obtain popular goods from Asia, Christianize.
  2. reached India. amazed by spices, rare skills, precious gems. gave Portugal a direct sea route to India.
  3. The exchange of plants, animals, diseases, and technologies between the Americas and the rest of the world following Columbus's voyages.
  4. natives farmed, ranched or mined for Spanish landlords. many laborers worked to death. sometimes mestizo children worked for parents.
  5. economic system based on private ownership and the investment of resources. profits from exploration allowed for reinvestments in other areas. lead to inflation in Europe.

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  1. Yonglopower struggle after his father, Hongwu's death. moved royal court to Beijing. launched treasure ship voyages to impress world with splendor and power of Ming China.


  2. Francisco Pizarroconquistador who marched into South America and conquered Inca. tricked and killed Incan ruler Atahualpa and took ransom.


  3. Ming Dynastydrove out Mongol rulers. China became dominant power in Asia. had many vassal states that paid tribute.


  4. Kang Xifirst Ming emperor. encouraged return to Confucian moral standards. restored merit-based civil service exam system. later became ruthless tyrant.


  5. colonylands that are controlled by another nation.


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