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  1. gastrula
  2. pinworms
  3. how do roundworms move
  4. proglottids
  5. heartworms are found in
  1. a common in children, eggs are transferred by touch, causes itching
  2. b contains a nucleus, nerves, flame cells, male and female organisms
  3. c use muscles that run the length of there body
  4. d dogs and cats
  5. e two cell layer sac with an opening at one end

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  1. cell walls, multicellular, autotroph, goes through photosynethsis
  2. germ layer becomes nervous tissue and skin
  3. when a parent breaks into pieces and each piece can develop into an adult animal
  4. sexually
  5. phlym nematoda

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  1. nematocystan animal or plant on which the parasite lives off of


  2. scolexhead of the tape worm


  3. coelomorganisms that do have a coelom


  4. Invertebratesunderside of an animal


  5. which worms burrow in the foot of your skinphlym nematoda


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