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  1. regeneration
  2. trichinosis
  3. germ layer gives rise to muscles
  4. schistosomiasis
  5. free living flatworms
  1. a turbellaria
  2. b When a new organism can regrow from a lost body part if the part contains enough genetic information
  3. c contracted by eating undercooked porks
  4. d mesoderm
  5. e disease is caused by flukes in humans; egss clog the blood vessels

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  1. umbrella shaped body tentacles that hang down. mouth is between tentacles
  2. irregular shape with no balance in body structure
  3. organisms that do have a coelom
  4. relationship in which both organisms benefit
  5. underside of an animal

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  1. polypcell walls, multicellular, autotroph, goes through photosynethsis


  2. how do roundworms movethese are foundin the phylum nematoda; theyre cylindrical, unsegmented worms that are tapered at both ends, produce sexually


  3. ectodermgerm layer becomes nervous tissue and skin


  4. scolexhead of the tape worm


  5. class trematodaflukes


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