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  1. acoelomate
  2. class turbellaria
  3. collar cell
  4. ventral
  5. how do roundworms move
  1. a use muscles that run the length of there body
  2. b Cells that line the inside of the sponge and help draw water inside; they have flagella
  3. c planarians (flatworms)
  4. d underside of an animal
  5. e organisms that do have a coelom

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  1. backside of an animal
  2. capsule that hold a coiled, thread like tube containing poison and barbs
  3. by a mosquito that sucks up blood from an infected person then that mosquito bites another person
  4. flukes
  5. sexually

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  1. ectodermgerm layer becomes nervous tissue and skin


  2. hostcell walls, multicellular, autotroph, goes through photosynethsis


  3. medusaForm of a cnidarian in which the body is tube-shaped, mouth surrounded by tentacles and tentacles are facing upward


  4. some roundworms can be used tocontrol pest like larvae on humans and animals


  5. eyespotsplanarians have these structures that can detect the absence or presence of light


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