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  1. roundworms
  2. carbon dioxide and other wastes are removed by
  3. sponges
  4. how do roundworms produce
  5. asymmetry
  1. a sexually
  2. b these are foundin the phylum nematoda; theyre cylindrical, unsegmented worms that are tapered at both ends, produce sexually
  3. c irregular shape with no balance in body structure
  4. d have no tissue and no organs with have no symmetry
  5. e diffusion

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  1. planarians have these structures that can detect the absence or presence of light
  2. hookworms
  3. two nerve cords
  4. two cell layer sac with an opening at one end
  5. cell walls, multicellular, autotroph, goes through photosynethsis

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  1. dorsalan animal or plant on which the parasite lives off of


  2. ectodermhead of the tape worm


  3. germ layer gives rise to musclesthey have hooks and suckers that attach to the intestinal lining of a host


  4. medusaumbrella shaped body tentacles that hang down. mouth is between tentacles


  5. fluke cellsbilateral symmetry, parasitic, aceolmate, needs two host cells, NOT free living, move with host cell


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