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  1. scolex
  2. Filiarial worms cause
  3. what helps free living flatworms glide
  4. posterior
  5. asymmetry
  1. a tail end of a animal
  2. b head of the tape worm
  3. c mucus
  4. d elephantiasis
  5. e irregular shape with no balance in body structure

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  1. a fertilized egg
  2. phlym nematoda
  3. bilateral symmetry, parasitic, aceolmate, has hooks and suckers, hermaphrodite, NOT free living, move with host cell
  4. contains a nucleus, nerves, flame cells, male and female organisms
  5. control pest like larvae on humans and animals

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  1. how do roundworms movesexually


  2. live in water and moist soilclass turbellaria


  3. nervous systemcapsule that hold a coiled, thread like tube containing poison and barbs


  4. mutualismrelationship in which both organisms benefit


  5. hostForm of a cnidarian in which the body is tube-shaped, mouth surrounded by tentacles and tentacles are facing upward


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