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  1. pinworms
  2. flatworms phylm
  3. how do roundworms move
  4. nematocyst
  5. cnidocytes
  1. a stinging cells on the tentacle of cnidarians
  2. b common in children, eggs are transferred by touch, causes itching
  3. c capsule that hold a coiled, thread like tube containing poison and barbs
  4. d use muscles that run the length of there body
  5. e platyhelminthes

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  1. these organisms cut there way into human skin, usally through the foot
  2. a fertilized egg
  3. animals without backbones
  4. hookworms
  5. Form of a cnidarian in which the body is tube-shaped, mouth surrounded by tentacles and tentacles are facing upward

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  1. class trematodaflukes


  2. Class cestodapart of the excretory system, lined with cilia to sweep water and excretory into the tubules, excrete out of pores


  3. sessileattached and stay in one place


  4. mutualismMouth-like opening at the top of a sponge


  5. medusabackside of an animal


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