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  1. What do tape worms do
  2. hook worms
  3. nervous system
  4. collar cell
  5. how do roundworms move
  1. a use muscles that run the length of there body
  2. b Cells that line the inside of the sponge and help draw water inside; they have flagella
  3. c these organisms cut there way into human skin, usally through the foot
  4. d regulates the bodys response to stimuli
  5. e they have hooks and suckers that attach to the intestinal lining of a host

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  1. planarians (flatworms)
  2. tube like muscular organ that extends out of mouth of the flatowmr to suck up food
  3. filarial worms
  4. a group of cells organized to perform certain function
  5. class turbellaria

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  1. posteriorhead end of an animal


  2. which worms burrow in the foot of your skindogs and cats


  3. fluke cellsbilateral symmetry, parasitic, aceolmate, needs two host cells, NOT free living, move with host cell


  4. pinwormshave thin, flat bodies with a definite head region and body organs; acoelmates and most parasites


  5. zygotea fertilized egg


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