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  1. what helps free living flatworms glide
  2. segments that make up the body of a tapeworm
  3. some roundworms can be used to
  4. bilateral symmetry
  5. free living flatworms
  1. a turbellaria
  2. b control pest like larvae on humans and animals
  3. c can be divided into mirror image halves only along one plane through the central axis
  4. d mucus
  5. e proglottids

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  1. elephantiasis
  2. backside of an animal
  3. head of the tape worm
  4. animals without backbones
  5. irregular shape with no balance in body structure

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  1. cnidocytessmall needle like structures made of calcium carbonate, silca or spongin


  2. acoelomateorganisms that do have a coelom


  3. nematocystcapsule that hold a coiled, thread like tube containing poison and barbs


  4. prokaryotetube like muscular organ that extends out of mouth of the flatowmr to suck up food


  5. How does elephantiasis spreadby a mosquito that sucks up blood from an infected person then that mosquito bites another person


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