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  1. Anguished
  2. Consoled
  3. Recumbent
  4. Grizzled
  5. Jarred
  1. a (adj.) in a reclining position, lying down, in the posture of one sleeping or resting
  2. b experiencing intense pain especially mental pain
  3. c shaken or jolted
  4. d comforted
  5. e having dark hairs mixed with gray or white

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  1. to make a gentle sound such as that of a light wind through trees.
  2. beat, battered, or tore at a person or animal
  3. in a slow moving way
  4. soothed; calmed
  5. gloomily, somber

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  1. Aloofreserved, distant


  2. Jeeringmocking; taunting


  3. Skitteredhaving spots or patches of color


  4. Egoa strong current of air


  5. Writhedturned, twisted, wrenched as if in pain or suffering


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