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  1. Defenses (UCC)
  2. Rebuttal Against the Statute of Frauds
  3. Marriage
  5. Detrimental Reliance
  1. a 1. Statutes of Fraud
    2. Discharged Performance (waiver, modification, etc.)
  2. b The plaintiff can rebut MRDOG if MRDOG SPMFR
  3. c The promisee performed specific acts, based on the existing promise
  4. d R: Rejection
    R: Revocation
    D: Death of the parties
    L: Lapse of time
    D: Destruction of the subject matter
    S: Sanity
  5. e Hold people accountable for contracts based on the belief that marriage was going to take place

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  1. Where the promisor makes a promise to the promisee, and the promise has been detrimentally relied upon, it would create an undue burden not to fulfill such a promise
  2. The sale or purchase of realty or real estate must be in writing
  3. S: Sufficient Memorandum
    P: Partial Performance
    M: Main Purpose Doctrine
    F:Full Performance
    R: Receipt of the Goods or Funds
    1. Improvements on the land
    2. Partly perform through money or the transfer of funds
  5. Gives rise to whose time for performance is due; look to the terms of the contract for who is to perform and when

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  1. Option ContractDesigned to keep an offer open for a stated period of time or a reasonable period of time


  2. Bilateral ContractThe contract has only been fulfilled by one party


  3. Equal Dignities Rule1. Expressed
    2. Implied


  4. Merchant (UCC)Determine merchant status or non-merchant status


  5. Varying of the termsWhatever the original party can bring forth against the other party, the 3rd party beneficiaries can also bring forth


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