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  1. Implied Contract
  2. Grumbling Acceptance
  3. Merry Homes, Inc. v. Chi Hung Luu
  4. Merchant (UCC)
  5. Firm Offer (UCC)
  1. a I: Was the contract still deemed valid and/or voidable?
    R: Performance: Impossibility: The initial contract was created when it was lawful material issue, but now it is unlawful & Void Contract: A contract that by its very terms is illegal, depending on the laws of the moment
    A: Mr. Luu could not possibly do what he had desired
    C: The contract is deemed void, due to legality
  2. b Determine merchant status or non-merchant status
  3. c Prior history of repetitious contracts flowing between parties
  4. d 1. Buzz words: Hope, wish, desired
    2. Not a concrete rejection
  5. e A merchant offers another to keep an offer open for a state period of time, not to exceed 3 months or 90 days, and no consideration is needed

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  1. I: Did Zehmer make a serious offer to Lucy with valid intent?
    R: We must look to the outward expression of a person as manifesting his intention rather than to his secret and unexpressed intention
    A: The signed writing constituted a binding contract of sale
    C: The writing was an enforceable contract, based on the history between the two parties. The conversations had started well before the consumption of alcohol
  2. The sale of goods
    1. Goods
    2. Good faith
    3. Merchant
    4. Offer
    5. Acceptance
    6. Consideration
    7. Defenses
    8. Warranties
  3. The one to whom the promise has been made
  4. 1. Minors
    2. Intoxication
    3. Mental state of mind
  5. The auctioneer must accept any offer they receive

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  1. BeneficiaryThe 3rd party or person


  2. Goods (UCC)Uniform Commercial Code


  3. FraudM: Marriage
    R: Realty
    D: Debt of Another
    O: Contracts that by their very terms cannot be completed within 1 year
    G: Goods of $500 or more


  4. DuressWhere one would do an action that they would not otherwise do, because of the situation at hand


  5. OfferorThe one who makes the offer or poses the offer


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