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  1. Certain and definite terms
  2. Voidable Contract
  3. Mirror Image Rule
  4. Performance Excused or Discharged
  5. Undue Influence
  1. a Where a party's influence or power causes another to believe or do an action that they might not otherwise do
  2. b Contracts that fall within the statute of frauds
  3. c QTIPS
  4. d The absolute mirror image of what the offeror offered to the offeree
  5. e 1. Impossibility
    2. (Commercial) Impracticability
    3. Waiver
    4. Modification
    5. Substituted Performance
    6. Novation
    7. Rescission
    8. Completed Performance
    9. Substantial Performance

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  1. Verbally or in writing
  2. The bargain for exchange of a legal detriment
  3. 1. Unilateral mistake
    2. Bilateral (mutual) mistake
  4. If not stated clearly in the contract, work is before pay and delivery is before payment
  5. Who owns title and when does title transfer?

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  1. CIFCost of insurance and freight


  2. BeneficiaryThe 3rd party or person


  3. Varying of the terms1. A minor cannot validly contract, unless an emancipated minor
    2. The contract can be considered valid or not valid at the option of the minor


  4. Modification1. Precedent
    2. Concurrent
    3. Subsequent
    4. Presumption


  5. AcceptanceIn order to create a valid ___, one must have mutual assent and consideration


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