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  1. Expressed Contract
  2. Lucy v. Zehmer
  3. FAS/FAV
  4. Duress
  5. FOB
  1. a Free on board
  2. b I: Did Zehmer make a serious offer to Lucy with valid intent?
    R: We must look to the outward expression of a person as manifesting his intention rather than to his secret and unexpressed intention
    A: The signed writing constituted a binding contract of sale
    C: The writing was an enforceable contract, based on the history between the two parties. The conversations had started well before the consumption of alcohol
  3. c Free along side/Free along vessel
  4. d Oral or written mode (Contract)
  5. e Where one would do an action that they would not otherwise do, because of the situation at hand

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  1. 1. Expressed
    2. Implied
  2. Full performance; discharged of obligations
  3. Mailing a letter, dropping off a letter at a mail receptacle, etc.
  4. There are 2 original contracting parties, and one party's performance has been substituted for someone of equal or better value - the original party is still held responsible
  5. The unqualified, unequivocal assent (agreement) to the terms of the offer

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  1. SuitQ: Quantity terms
    T: Time for performance term
    I: Interested parties
    P: Price term
    S: Subject matter


  2. Incidental BeneficiaryUnintended beneficiaries, who do not have vesting rights


  3. Expressed WarrantiesVerbally or in writing


  4. Lapse of timeWho owns title and when does title transfer?


  5. Firm Offer (UCC)A merchant offers another to keep an offer open for a state period of time, not to exceed 3 months or 90 days, and no consideration is needed


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