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  1. rancor
  2. forbearance
  3. atrophy
  4. buoyant
  5. malice
  1. a to waste away, to wither
  2. b patience, lenience
  3. c bitter deep-seated ill will, enmity
  4. d capable of floating; cheerful
  5. e desire to harm others

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  1. wealth, affluence, abundance
  2. lacking significance, meaning, or point; silly, insipid
  3. scoffing at, mockery, ridicule
  4. something that appears false or contradictory but is actually correct
  5. false testimony under oath

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  1. ascendancyopen to or willing to follow advice or suggestion, tractable, malleable


  2. vacillatingto reconcile, to pacify, to renew a friendship


  3. languidarrogant, excessively proud and vain


  4. indolenceinsulting or contemptuous behavior


  5. frivolouscaustic


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