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  1. debase
  2. infamous
  3. amorphous
  4. inscrutable
  5. arable
  1. a to reduce in dignity or quality
  2. b fit for plowing, tillable
  3. c shapeless, having no definite form
  4. d having a reputation of the worst kind, vicious, notoriously bad
  5. e difficult to understand; mysterious

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  1. changing, fluctuating
  2. to thrive, to grow well
  3. to make clear, to explain
  4. lacking significance, meaning, or point; silly, insipid
  5. arrogant, excessively proud and vain

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  1. derisionscoffing at, mockery, ridicule


  2. clandestinesecret


  3. paradoxicalsomething that appears false or contradictory but is actually correct


  4. antiquatedslanting, indirect, evasive, devious, misleading


  5. indolencelaziness


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