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  1. inane
  2. antiquated
  3. acrimonious
  4. perjury
  5. infallible
  1. a caustic
  2. b lacking significance, meaning, or point; silly, insipid
  3. c obsolete, out of fashion, no longer usable
  4. d false testimony under oath
  5. e incapable of error

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  1. desire to harm others
  2. to make clear, to explain
  3. violent, hasty, rash, impulsive
  4. having a reputation of the worst kind, vicious, notoriously bad
  5. something that appears false or contradictory but is actually correct

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  1. arablelacking significance, meaning, or point; silly, insipid


  2. ephemerallasting a short period of time, fleeting


  3. amorphousviolent, hasty, rash, impulsive


  4. frivolouslacking in seriousness or importance


  5. ameliorateopen to or willing to follow advice or suggestion, tractable, malleable


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