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Chapter 3: Geographies of Populations Test

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  1. social nature
  2. food manufacturing
  3. The Montreal Protocol
  4. immigration
  5. environmental refugees
  1. a The invention and re-invention of nature as a socially constructed concept. This concept highlights the fact that our understandings of nature are socially constructed.
  2. b a potential treatment to the decline in birth rates which occur as a country develops can be neutralized by an influx of immigrants.
    (simply prolongs the problem)
  3. c those who are forced to move to another country or region because their current habitat has become dilapidated.
  4. d it was established that countries would phase out the usage of all CFCs by 2010.
  5. e Adding value to agricultural products through a range of treatments such as canning, refining, packing, and packaging that occur off the farm and before the products reach the market
    (this disrupts natural seasonal patterns)

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  1. The spread of desert-like conditions in arid lands resulting from climatic change or human influences
  2. The number of deaths in a single year for ever thousand people in the population
    - an indicator of social development
    - A demographic structure with more men or elderly will usually have a higher rate
  3. The idea that when Columbus discovered the Americas and initiated the impact of Europeans on the discovered land, there was a major global change occurring. Essentially, how the immigrants affected the ecosystems of the Americas.
  4. Farming for direct consumption of the producer
  5. Usually found in areas of the world with high populations such as Asia; India and China namely

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  1. increased economic productivity(1997)
    Addressed the problems of global climate change and the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere


  2. administrative record linkageThe linking together of a number of different government databases to build one database with much more detailed information on each individual


  3. gross migrationThe total number of migrants moving into and out of a place, region, or country


  4. total fertility rateThe average number of children a woman will have throughout her childbearing years (15-49)


  5. age-sex pyramidThe total number of migrants moving into and out of a place, region, or country


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