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  1. commercial agriculture
  2. environmental refugees
  3. eco-feminism
  4. fertility
  5. The Rio de Janeiro Summit
  1. a The childbearing performance of individuals, couples, groups, or populations
  2. b argues that patriarchal ideology is a primary cause of environment problems. Since men historically held all of the powers within societies, the attitudes we have about the environment today were likely formed by men
  3. c those who are forced to move to another country or region because their current habitat has become dilapidated.
  4. d (1992)
    Seeks development that balances economic development, environmental protection, and equitable development
  5. e Farming primarily for sale as opposed to direct consumption

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  1. (demographic transitions model)
    high birth and death rates, fluctuating population rate
  2. The total number of migrants moving into and out of a place, region, or country
  3. Agents of disease transmission
  4. (1992)
    "Meeting the needs of present times without interfering with future generations' abilities to meet their needs"
  5. Adding value to agricultural products through a range of treatments such as canning, refining, packing, and packaging that occur off the farm and before the products reach the market
    (this disrupts natural seasonal patterns)

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  1. life expectancyThe average number of years an individual can expect to live when they are born


  2. eco-migration- Likely to have a greater impact on countries which have a lack of resources and a less stable political and economic infrastructure (peripheral countries)


  3. eco-migrationThe gain or loss in the total population of a particular area or region as a direct result of migration


  4. pull factorsForces of attraction that influence migrants to move to a particular location
    - Economic growth, job opportunities, location, health care benefits


  5. crude/ arithmetic densityThe number of deaths in a single year for ever thousand people in the population
    - an indicator of social development
    - A demographic structure with more men or elderly will usually have a higher rate


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