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  1. life expectancy
  2. The IPAT formula
  3. phase 1
  4. phase 3 (transitional II)
  5. gross migration
  1. a The total number of migrants moving into and out of a place, region, or country
  2. b Human Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology Factor
    This formula is conceptual, not numerical.
  3. c The average number of years an individual can expect to live when they are born
  4. d (demographic transitions model)
    steady decrease in birth rate, stable increase in overall population and very low death rate
  5. e (demographic transitions model)
    high birth and death rates, fluctuating population rate

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  1. The number of deaths in a single year for ever thousand people in the population
    - an indicator of social development
    - A demographic structure with more men or elderly will usually have a higher rate
  2. The difference between the crude birth and death rates of a population
  3. A technique that uses living organisms to make or modify products, to improve plants and animals, or to develop micro-organisms for specific uses
  4. it was established that countries would phase out the usage of all CFCs by 2010.
  5. Forces of attraction that influence migrants to move to a particular location
    - Economic growth, job opportunities, location, health care benefits

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  1. desertificationNature is protected very strictly, some recreation and research may be performed on the land, however logging and hunting etc. would be prohibited


  2. The Rio de Janeiro Summit(1997)
    Addressed the problems of global climate change and the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere


  3. administrative record linkageThe linking together of a number of different government databases to build one database with much more detailed information on each individual


  4. commercial agricultureFarming for direct consumption of the producer


  5. voluntary migrationThe movement by an individual based on choice (based on pull factors)


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