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  1. geodemographic analysis
  2. intensive subsistence agriculture
  3. The Montreal Protocol
  4. immigration
  5. The Green Revolution
  1. a Usually found in areas of the world with high populations such as Asia; India and China namely
  2. b The practice of assessing the location and composition of particular populations
  3. c The export of a technological package of fertilizers and high-yielding seeds from the core to the periphery in order to increase global agricultural productivity
    (creative new ways to feed the population)
  4. d a potential treatment to the decline in birth rates which occur as a country develops can be neutralized by an influx of immigrants.
    (simply prolongs the problem)
  5. e (1987)
    A major recognition of the fact that environmental problems can be global in scale. This protocol was established because of the massive hole within the ozone layer caused by CFCs.

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  1. (demographic transitions model)
    commonly experienced by fully developed countries; slight fluctuations in birth rate, stable population, stable low death rate
  2. The childbearing performance of individuals, couples, groups, or populations
  3. The gain or loss in the total population of a particular area or region as a direct result of migration
  4. An instrument for meeting the goals and objectives of a population policy.
    - family planning programs
    - one child policy
  5. Events and conditions that compel an individual to move away from a location
    - War, persecution, epidemics, political instability

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  1. infant mortality rateThe proportion of a cohort or group that becomes involved in a specific activity, such as attending an education institution


  2. pro-natalisman attempt to increase the declining birth rates that begin as countries continue to develop; a solution to a decreasing population


  3. natural increaseThe difference between the crude birth and death rates of a population


  4. increased economic productivityapotential solution to a decreasing working population; the problems of an aging society could be remedied by having a more productive economy-pay higher taxes, health insurance, and pension premiums


  5. doubling timeHow long it will take the population of an area to grow to twice its current size


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