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  1. pastoralism
  2. intensive subsistence agriculture
  3. The Green Revolution
  4. The Montreal Protocol
  5. The Petworth Emigration Committee
  1. a Involves the breeding and herding of animals to satisfy the human needs of food, shelter, and clothing
    (usually practised in cold, dry climates)
  2. b Usually found in areas of the world with high populations such as Asia; India and China namely
  3. c (England -> Upper Canada)
    An organized migration of people that occurred in the early part of the 19th century; a part of a wider set of colonial policies that sought to encourage settlement overseas.
  4. d it was established that countries would phase out the usage of all CFCs by 2010.
  5. e The export of a technological package of fertilizers and high-yielding seeds from the core to the periphery in order to increase global agricultural productivity
    (creative new ways to feed the population)

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  1. A system of food production increasingly dependent on an economy and a set of regulatory practices that are global in scope
  2. A representation of the population based on its composition according to age and sex
  3. The number of deaths in a single year for ever thousand people in the population
    - an indicator of social development
    - A demographic structure with more men or elderly will usually have a higher rate
  4. farmers aim to maintain soil fertility by rotating the fields within which cultivation occurs
    - can only support areas with low population densities
  5. (demographic transitions model)
    high birth and death rates, fluctuating population rate

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  1. The Rio de Janeiro Summit(1992)
    Seeks development that balances economic development, environmental protection, and equitable development


  2. eco-feminisman attempt to increase the declining birth rates that begin as countries continue to develop; a solution to a decreasing population


  3. demographic trapThe practice of assessing the location and composition of particular populations


  4. subsistence agricultureFarming for direct consumption of the producer


  5. administrative record linkageInformation about births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and the incidences of certain infectious diseases


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