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  1. globalized agriculture
  2. net migration
  3. subsistence agriculture
  4. preservation
  5. vectors
  1. a The gain or loss in the total population of a particular area or region as a direct result of migration
  2. b Agents of disease transmission
  3. c Nature is protected very strictly, some recreation and research may be performed on the land, however logging and hunting etc. would be prohibited
  4. d A system of food production increasingly dependent on an economy and a set of regulatory practices that are global in scope
  5. e Farming for direct consumption of the producer

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  1. A long-distance move to a new location
  2. A population movement caused by the degradation of land and essential natural resources as a result of climate change
    - Floods, sea level rises, famine, drought, infestation
  3. The linking together of a number of different government databases to build one database with much more detailed information on each individual
  4. The process whereby the farm has moved from being the center piece of agricultural production to becoming one part of an integrated string of industrial processes such as production, storage, processing etc.
  5. it was established that countries would phase out the usage of all CFCs by 2010.

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  1. ecological footprintThe application of synthetic fertilizers to the soil and herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides to crops to enhance yields


  2. peak oilPeople who have fled their homelands because they have a well-founded fear of persecution on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, political belief, or social characteristic.


  3. pastoralismInvolves the breeding and herding of animals to satisfy the human needs of food, shelter, and clothing
    (usually practised in cold, dry climates)


  4. The Rio de Janeiro Summitit was established that countries would phase out the usage of all CFCs by 2010.


  5. remittancesThe movement of herds according to seasonal rhythms: warmer, lowland areas in the winter and cooler, highland areas in the summer
    (common with pastoralists)


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