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  1. subsistence agriculture
  2. phase 4 (industrial)
  3. guest workers
  4. geodemographic analysis
  5. The Montreal Protocol
  1. a (demographic transitions model)
    commonly experienced by fully developed countries; slight fluctuations in birth rate, stable population, stable low death rate
  2. b The practice of assessing the location and composition of particular populations
  3. c Farming for direct consumption of the producer
  4. d This process is important for those living in peripheral countries because it lessens local unemployment while also allowing for workers to send substantial amounts of money to their families at home
  5. e (1987)
    A major recognition of the fact that environmental problems can be global in scale. This protocol was established because of the massive hole within the ozone layer caused by CFCs.

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  1. The movement by an individual based on choice (based on pull factors)
  2. A population movement caused by the degradation of land and essential natural resources as a result of climate change
    - Floods, sea level rises, famine, drought, infestation
  3. (1992)
    "Meeting the needs of present times without interfering with future generations' abilities to meet their needs"
  4. a measure of the biologically productive land area needed to support a country (or other scale measure) by providing for its needs and absorbing its wastes
  5. The total number of migrants moving into and out of a place, region, or country

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  1. transhumanceMoney earned overseas and sent home to a different country to support remaining family members


  2. The Kyoto ProtocolHuman Impact = Population x Affluence x Technology Factor
    This formula is conceptual, not numerical.


  3. conservationa potential treatment to the decline in birth rates which occur as a country develops can be neutralized by an influx of immigrants.
    (simply prolongs the problem)


  4. phase 1(demographic transitions model)
    high birth and death rates, fluctuating population rate


  5. crude/ arithmetic densityThe ratio of the number of live births in a single year for every thousand people in the population


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