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  1. mobility
  2. commercial agriculture
  3. intensive subsistence agriculture
  4. participation rate
  5. net migration
  1. a Practice that involves the effective and efficient us of a small parcel of land to maximize crop yield
  2. b Farming primarily for sale as opposed to direct consumption
  3. c The ability to move from one region to another either permanently or temporarily
  4. d The gain or loss in the total population of a particular area or region as a direct result of migration
  5. e The proportion of a cohort or group that becomes involved in a specific activity, such as attending an education institution

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  1. The average number of children a woman will have throughout her childbearing years (15-49)
  2. A representation of the population based on its composition according to age and sex
  3. The idea that when Columbus discovered the Americas and initiated the impact of Europeans on the discovered land, there was a major global change occurring. Essentially, how the immigrants affected the ecosystems of the Americas.
  4. This process is important for those living in peripheral countries because it lessens local unemployment while also allowing for workers to send substantial amounts of money to their families at home
  5. The movement by an individual against his or her will (based on push factors)

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  1. natural increaseInformation about births, deaths, marriages, divorces, and the incidences of certain infectious diseases


  2. administrative record linkageA long-distance move to a new location


  3. The Montreal ProtocolThe export of a technological package of fertilizers and high-yielding seeds from the core to the periphery in order to increase global agricultural productivity
    (creative new ways to feed the population)


  4. preservationA long-distance move to a new location


  5. doubling timeHow long it will take the population of an area to grow to twice its current size


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