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  1. pulsing
  2. attention value
  3. message weight
  4. media
  5. opportunity to see (OTS)
  1. a mixes continuous and flighting strategies. as the consumers purchasing cycle gets longer, this becomes more appropriate
  2. b includes all communications vehicles available to a marketer. radio, tv, magazines, outdoor, online, etc.
  3. c total size of an audience for a set of ads or an entire campaign, because it gives some indication of the scope of the campaign in a given market
  4. d another term for possible exposure of the advertising message to one audience member
  5. e concerns the advertising message and copy, as well as the medium

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  1. how many people an ad "see's" rather than the other way around
  2. second M of the 5 M's, deals with how much to budget and where to allocate it
  3. households with tv sets
  4. particular magazines or shows- according to how well they "deliver" or expose the message to the media audience that most closely resembles the desired target consumer
  5. count and verify the number of subscribers

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  1. mixed-media approachmeasures the number or percentage of the audience who receive enough exposures to truly receive the message


  2. mechanicstotal number of different households or people exposed at least once to an ad or campaign during a given time period (usually four weeks).


  3. ratingthe percentage of homes (or individuals) exposed to an advertising medium


  4. category development index (CDI)indicates the sales potential of a particular brand in a specific market area


  5. roadblockingbuying airtime on multiple networks to air them simultaneously


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