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  1. gross rating points (GRP)
  2. category development index (CDI)
  3. effective reach
  4. message weight
  5. bursting
  1. a determines the potential of the whole product category
  2. b measures the number or percentage of the audience who receive enough exposures to truly receive the message
  3. c running the same commercial every half hour on the same network during prime time
  4. d reach x frequency
  5. e total size of an audience for a set of ads or an entire campaign, because it gives some indication of the scope of the campaign in a given market

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  1. advertising runs steadily and varies little oner the campaign period
  2. total number of people or households exposed to a medium
  3. local media that many consumers in a neighboring country inadvertently receive
  4. the product concept, target audience, advertising message, and communications media
  5. another term for possible exposure of the advertising message to one audience member

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  1. recency planningbased on "the sensible idea that most advertising works by influencing the brand choice of consumers who are ready to buy"


  2. effective frequencythe average number of times a person must see or hear a message before it becomes effective


  3. exposure valueconcerns the advertising message and copy, as well as the medium


  4. cost per point (CPP)you find this by dividing the cost by the rating points


  5. reachtotal number of different households or people exposed at least once to an ad or campaign during a given time period (usually four weeks).


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