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  1. malapportionment
  2. rider
  3. ex post facto
  4. Majority/Minority Leader
  5. c-span
  1. a drawing the boundaries of legislative districts so that they are unequal in population
  2. b affecting things past
  3. c a clause that is appended to a legislative bill
  4. d Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network
  5. e Responsible for assigning bills to committee in the Senate.

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  1. 1
  2. a meeting of the members of a party in a legislative chamber to select party leaders and to develop party policy. Called a conference by the republicans
  3. laws that limit the number of terms elected officials can serve
  4. the drawing of electoral district lines to the advantage of a party or group
  5. Georgia law had a district that was grossly oversized, this diluted a mans vote there and it violated the 14 amendment because it took away the persons vote. It was seen as unconstitutional

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  1. logrollingact of exchanging favors for mutual gain


  2. Wayes and Means Committeepermanently established legislative committees that consider and are responsible for legislation within a certain subject area


  3. reapportionmentthe process of reassigning representation based on population, after every census


  4. filibustera tactic for delaying or obstructing legislation by making long speeches


  5. franking privilegedIt is used by members to get signatures for postage by sending mail to their constituents to keep them informed and to get info on campaigning.


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