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  1. Artery
  2. Pollex
  3. Superficial
  4. Dorsal Body Cavity
  5. Parietal Pericardium
  1. a the tough outermost layer of the pericardium that is attached to the diaphragm and the sternum
  2. b Thumb
  3. c Contains Cranial and Spinal Cavities
  4. d Brings blood away from heart
  5. e scrap or other nondeep wound

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  1. Medial
  2. point of shoulder
  3. Area between Anus and Exterior Genitals
  4. Divides into UNequal Left and Right
  5. Distal

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  1. Antebrachialforearm


  2. PatellarFront of Knee


  3. HalluxBig Toe


  4. GlutealButtock


  5. SuperiorPosterior region behind shin on leg


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