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  1. What year was the TRS-80 introduced?
  2. How do you gain access to configuration utilities for input devices?
  3. What does the LCD cut off switch do?
  4. Laptop components are proprietary. What is meant by this statement?
  5. Are cell phone standards uniform?
    HINT: use to be Analog
  1. a 1983
  2. b YES~ digital
  3. c Tell CPU to consume power
  4. d Components can only be used by manufacture
  5. e Start>Control panel>Mouse

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  1. Front / Back / Side
  2. STEP 3- determining the cause
  3. {4G}
    ~increased data rates.
    ~increased data rates, Higher data rates allow users to download files, video and music, & faster
  4. Standby
  5. Hard Drive

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  1. What battery types are available for laptops?Portability


  2. What key do you press to enter BIOS?Delete / F2


  3. Identify the Power Management States
    S0-computer on & CPU running
    S1-CPU not running but receiving power on RAM
    S2-CPU off & RAM refreshing / system in lower power
    S3-CPU off / RAM is off {save to RAM}
    S4-CPU & RAM is off {contents of RAM save to temporary file}
    S5-computer off & nothing saved


  4. What is troubleshooting?Identify the problem


  5. How thick is a Type II PC card?3.3...


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