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  1. Which option in Windows XP saves documents and applications in RAM?
  2. What is the most significant feature of a laptop?
  3. What is the storage capacity of a BD?
  4. Laptop components are proprietary. What is meant by this statement?
  5. What is Bluetooth?
  1. a Wireless Transceiver
  2. b Standby
  3. c Compact Size
  4. d Components can only be used by manufacture
  5. e 25 GB(single) / 50 GB (dual)

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  1. Identify the problem
  2. clean, free of potential contaminants, & temperature and humidity range specified by the manufacturer.
  3. Port Replicator=>no speaker, smaller, no PCI
    Docking station=>speaker
  4. electronic personal organizer
  5. S0-computer on & CPU running
    S1-CPU not running but receiving power on RAM
    S2-CPU off & RAM refreshing / system in lower power
    S3-CPU off / RAM is off {save to RAM}
    S4-CPU & RAM is off {contents of RAM save to temporary file}
    S5-computer off & nothing saved

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  1. When do you establish a plan of action?~non-abrasive cleaning solution on a soft cloth.


  2. What are SODIMMs?electronic personal organizer


  3. How do you customize a laptop for a specific purpose?Power Option {Start>Control Panel> Power Option}


  4. How do you gain access to configuration utilities for input devices?Start>Control panel>Mouse


  5. What is wrong if the LCD remains dark while the laptop is open?~playing games ~taking notes in school or research
    ~sending receiving email ~watching movies while travel


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