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  1. What is the size of a PC card?
  2. What key do you press to enter BIOS?
  3. How do you configure our power settings?
  4. What is the optimal operating environment for a laptop?
  5. Where are ports, connections, and drives located on the laptop?
  1. a Front / Back / Side
  2. b Delete / F2
  3. c Power Option {Start>Control Panel> Power Option}
  4. d clean, free of potential contaminants, & temperature and humidity range specified by the manufacturer.
  5. e 85.6 x 54 (mm)

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  1. SMS (short message service)
  2. 8.5 GB
  3. **Clean the laptop frequently (dust & contaminants)**
    ~Do not obstruct vents or airflow
    **laptop can overheat from lack of air circulation*****
    ~room temperature 45 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (7 to 32 degrees Celsius).
    **humidity level between 10 to 80%****
  4. Portable or Handheld Devices
  5. Components can only be used by manufacture

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  1. What are the benefits of using a solid state drive (SSD)?~Access data faster ~Use of less power
    ~More reliable


  2. How do you gain access to configuration utilities for input devices?Start>Control panel>Mouse


  3. What is standby mode called in Windows Vista?8.5 GB


  4. What are some common laptop features?~small & portable ~integrated keyboard into base
    ~run on AC power & rechargeable battery


  5. Identify the Power Management States
    S0-computer on & CPU running
    S1-CPU not running but receiving power on RAM
    S2-CPU off & RAM refreshing / system in lower power
    S3-CPU off / RAM is off {save to RAM}
    S4-CPU & RAM is off {contents of RAM save to temporary file}
    S5-computer off & nothing saved


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