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  1. How are expansion devices attached to a desktop?
  2. What does the Power Option feature in Windows XP do?
  3. What device switches to the external monitor?
  4. What is the storage capacity of a BD?
  5. What is an auto-switching AC adapter?
  1. a ~Serial ~USB
    ~Parallel ~FireWare Prots
  2. b Reduce Power consumption
  3. c FN
  4. d 25 GB(single) / 50 GB (dual)
  5. e power supply to be used in different countries

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  1. ~USB
    ~FireWare Prots
  2. Docking Station & Port Replicator
  3. Identify the problem
  4. Components can only be used by manufacture
  5. LCD cutoff switch

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  1. What do laptops require for external power?AC power adapter


  2. How do you clean a CD or a DVD disc?~non-abrasive cleaning solution on a soft cloth.


  3. When do you establish a plan of action?establish a plan of action to resolve the problem & implement the solution.


  4. What year was the TRS-80 introduced?1970's


  5. How do you customize a laptop for a specific purpose?~lint-free cotton cloth
    ~Wipe from the center of the disc outward.
    ***never USE circular motion**


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