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  1. Where do you enable ACPI power management?
  2. Disconnecting peripherals is an example of
  3. Where are status indicators, ports, slots, connectors, bays, jacks, vents and a keyhole located?
  4. What controls power management when using ACPI?
  5. What Internet standard is used for sending and receiving photos and videos?
  1. a Operating System
  2. b MMS (multimedia message service)
  3. c Front / Left / Right
  4. d STEP 3- determining the cause
  5. e BIO's

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  1. Power Button
  2. Port Replicator=>no speaker, smaller, no PCI
    Docking station=>speaker
  3. 700 MB
  4. {4G}
    ~increased data rates.
    ~increased data rates, Higher data rates allow users to download files, video and music, & faster
  5. Sleep

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  1. How thick is a Type II PC card?5.5


  2. What device moves the pointer?TouchPad


  3. What are some common laptop features?~playing games ~taking notes in school or research
    ~sending receiving email ~watching movies while travel


  4. What is the storage capacity of a DVD?8.5 GB


  5. What is Bluetooth?Identify the problem


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