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  1. What device turns on the laptop
  2. What are the two types of base stations?
  3. What is Bluetooth?
  4. What is meant by hot swappable?
  5. What does the CPU do?
  1. a Wireless Transceiver
  2. b Power Button
  3. c Docking Station & Port Replicator
  4. d you remove or replace components
  5. e interrupts & processes instructions

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  1. S0-computer on & CPU running
    S1-CPU not running but receiving power on RAM
    S2-CPU off & RAM refreshing / system in lower power
    S3-CPU off / RAM is off {save to RAM}
    S4-CPU & RAM is off {contents of RAM save to temporary file}
    S5-computer off & nothing saved
  2. YES~ digital
  3. ~Serial ~USB
    ~Parallel ~FireWare Prots
  4. Front / Left / Right
  5. Adding External Components

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  1. What devices are shut down when the laptop is in standby mode?LCD cutoff switch


  2. What do laptops require for external power?FN


  3. What generation of cell phones allows you to send and receive test, photos and videos?Digital & GMS (globe mobile system), iDEN (intergarted digital network,CDMA (code division multiple access)


  4. What battery types are available for laptops?Docking Station & Port Replicator


  5. How thick is a Type III PC card?85.6 x 54 (mm)


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