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  1. What is meant by hot swappable?
  2. What is laptop expansion memory called?
  3. What is the storage capacity of a DVD?
  4. How do you gain access to configuration utilities for input devices?
  5. What is troubleshooting?
  1. a Start>Control panel>Mouse
  2. b SODIMM
  3. c Identify the problem
  4. d 8.5 GB
  5. e you remove or replace components

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  1. Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
  2. ~Serial ~USB
    ~Parallel ~FireWare Prots
  3. Start>Programs
  4. 75 x 34 (mm)
  5. BIO's

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  1. What are the benefits of using a solid state drive (SSD)?~Access data faster ~Use of less power
    ~More reliable


  2. What are the optimal operation conditions for a laptop?Hard Drive


  3. What is a base station?Portable or Handheld Devices


  4. What are the three types of storage used for data storage?CD/ DVD / BD (blueray)


  5. What are the two low battery warnings?Low & Critical


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