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  1. What controls power management when using ACPI?
  2. What do laptops require for external power?
  3. What is a PDA?
  4. Where are status indicators, ports, slots, connectors, bays, jacks, vents and a keyhole located?
  5. Where are ports, connections, and drives located on the laptop?
  1. a AC power adapter
  2. b Front / Back / Side
  3. c Operating System
  4. d Front / Left / Right
  5. e electronic personal organizer

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  1. ~APM=>Advance Power Management
    ~ACPI=>Advanced Configuration & Power Interface
  2. ~Magnetic ~Optical
  3. ~small & portable ~integrated keyboard into base
    ~run on AC power & rechargeable battery
  4. GRiD Compass 1101
  5. DC power

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  1. What is Bluetooth?electronic personal organizer


  2. How thick is a Type III PC card?10.5


  3. How do you clean the screen of a PDA?~non-abrasive cleaning solution on a soft cloth.


  4. What are the two low battery warnings?85.6 x 54 (mm)


  5. What does the LCD cut off switch do?85.6 x 54 (mm)


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