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  1. What are the benefits of using a solid state drive (SSD)?
  2. What is the most significant feature of a laptop?
  3. If the cellular WAN utility software is not in the task bar, where should you find it?
  4. What year was the TRS-80 introduced?
  5. Which option in Windows XP saves documents and applications in RAM?
  1. a 1983
  2. b Start>Programs
  3. c Compact Size
  4. d ~Access data faster ~Use of less power
    ~More reliable
  5. e Standby

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  1. 10.5
  2. CD/ DVD / BD (blueray)
  3. Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
  4. Adding External Components
  5. clean, free of potential contaminants, & temperature and humidity range specified by the manufacturer.

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  1. What are the two low battery warnings?Low & Critical


  2. How do you configure our power settings?BIO's


  3. What is one of the biggest power consumers on a laptop?Portability


  4. What is the easiest, least expensive way to protect and extend the life of a laptop?Routine cleaning


  5. What are the standards for second generation cell phones?{4G}
    ~increased data rates.
    ~increased data rates, Higher data rates allow users to download files, video and music, & faster


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