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study of the processes which formed the Earth's crustal rocks and surface landforms


referring to the movement and changes in the Earth's crust

Earth's Surface

usually covered by a thin layer of soil or by a body of water


the thin, fragile, outermost layer of the Earth


Earth's crust consists of ______.

Earth's Crust

below the thin layer of soil and water that cover the surface of the Earth


Oceanic crust is ______ than the crust below the continents

Oceanic Crust

It is about 5 km thick.


Oceanic crust is made of ______ covered with a very thin layer of salt sediments.


consist primarily of granite

Continental Crust

It is about 32 km thick.

Less Dense

Granite is _______ (lighter) than basalt


it appears to rise to higher elevations or float on the mantle

Crustal Plates

movement of ______ on the mantle is called plate tectonics

Tectonic Plates

Large pieces of Earth's crust


Tectonic Plates _____ on top of the Earth's upper mantle


There are _____ large tectonic plates and many smaller ones.

Continental Drift

theory that the continents were once a single, large landmass and slowly drifted apart

geological features

_____ appear to line up when the continents are placed back together in a single landmass


Scientists have also found ____ in eastern South America which match those found in western Africa.

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