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  1. Viruses, bacteria or parasites
  2. The undifferentiated and actively dividing cells occupy the entire epithelium
  3. Increased cell proliferation increasing the probability of tumor progression.
  4. 1. Cells that make up the supporting connective tissue (fibroblast cells)
    2. Inflammatory white blood cells, and
    3. Vascular epithelial cells
  5. Epithelial based cancers (carcinomas)
  1. a Tumorigenesis requires the assistance of other cell types. What are they?
  2. b Tumor promoters induce a inflammatory response which results in what? Increasing the probability of what?
  3. c 15% of cancers have been linked to what?
  4. d What are the most prevalent cancers?
  5. e
    Why is panel C considered a high-grade neoplasia?

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  1. Except for tobacco use, has a clear link between an environmental factor and the establishment of cancer been fully established?
  2. What plays a role in the incidence of cancer that has evidence that supports it?
  3. What are two types of benign Cancers?
  4. What is a benign cancer of the epithelial cell with a glandular organization?
  5. An increase in cell division gives rise to an increased chance that one of these cells will undergo an additional mutagenic or epigenetic change further promoting the progression towards what?

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  1. The rate of cell division or apoptosisWhat gives rise to malignant cancer?


  2. HeterochromatinThe inherited pattern of DNA methylation reinforces gene silencing events established by the packaging of DNA into what?


  3. CancerWhat is a heritable trait that involves changes in genetic material?


  4. Oxygen becomes limiting and hypoxia kicks inAgents identified as cancer causing agents include what?


  5. A young individual would be just as likely to get cancer as an older one (onset independent of age)The inherent limitations on the accuracy of DNA replication and repair will generate what?


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