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  1. Methylation mediated gene silencing
  2. The epidermis of the skin
  3. Cells isolated from breast and colon cancer have accumulated ~1 amino acid change in 100 different proteins, but alterations in only 20 of these genes are likely needed for tumor progression
  4. Micrometasis
  5. DNA repair, cell signaling, cell cycle, apoptosis and tissue architecture
  1. a What are cells that are able to escape the vessel and grow to form a small clump of cells?
  2. b Defects in numerous pathways can lead to cancer including proteins involved in what?
  3. c What may occur independent of heterochromatin packaging leading to tumor formation?
  4. d The epithelium covering the cervix is similar in its organization to what?
  5. e What evidence supports the fact that it is not simply the accumulation of large number of mutations that gives rise to a tumor?

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  1. What are cancer cells that have broken from the original mass to form secondary tumors at other sites?
  2. Actively dividing epithelial cells in the cervix are confined to what layer? They stain what color?
  3. At the time of detection, how long have cancer cells been growing?
  4. The transport of tumor cells through the tissues and into the circulatory system is a difficult step as the cell must cross what two layers?
  5. What are some factors that govern the development of cancer?

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  1. Cancerous cellsWhat are cells that are able to escape the vessel and grow to form a small clump of cells?


  2. Leukemia/lymphomaWhat is a malignant cancer arising from connective tissues or muscle cells?


  3. The cells to out-compete and out-live their neighborsThe single cell that causes cancer experienced a heritable change that was followed by additional changes in one of its descendents. These changes allowed the cells to do what?


  4. 1. They provide the framework for tumor growth
    2. They provide signal proteins that stimulate cell growth and division,
    3. They secrete proteases that further remodel the extracellular matrix
    Tissue in women are made up of a mixture of cells which varies in what way?


  5. X-linked inactivationThe mosaic nature of tissue due to the randomness of what?


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