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  1. Oxygen becomes limiting and hypoxia kicks in
  2. Permanent cell-cycle arrest
  3. Extracellular survival signals
  4. Many, many years
  5. At late stages of tumor progression
  1. a Shortening of telemeres ends with each cell division ultimately leads to what?
  2. b A small number of micrometastases are able to grow in the new environment, with its absence of what?
  3. c Most cancers are identified when?
  4. d When a tumor reaches a certain size, what becomes limited? What kicks in?
  5. e Development of cancerous cells can take how long?

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  1. Cytochrome P450 converts toxins into what?
  2. Defects in numerous pathways can lead to cancer including proteins involved in what?
  3. What is a benign cancer of the epithelial cell with a glandular organization?
  4. Hypoxia triggers expression of what?
  5. What is an invasive tumor; cancer?

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  1. Telomerase activityWhat are cells that are able to escape the vessel and grow to form a small clump of cells?


  2. Benign tumorThe rate of mutation is balanced against what?


  3. The undifferentiated and actively dividing cells occupy the entire epithelium
    Why is panel C considered a high-grade neoplasia?


  4. Cell proliferation which leads to an increased probability of tumor progression by increasing the number of cells containing the initial mutagenic eventTumor promoters are chemical agents which by themselves are not mutagenic but have been shown to induce cancer by activating an inflammatory response. This inflammatory response triggers an increase in what?


  5. It enters a diseased state that can destroy the organismThe ability to 'count' the number of times an individual cell has divided is linked to what?


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