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  1. The basal layer and stain dark purple
  2. Sarcoma
  3. The accumulation of mutations
  4. Metastases
  5. Harmless and easily secreted compounds
  1. a Cytochrome P450 converts toxins into what?
  2. b What is a malignant cancer arising from connective tissues or muscle cells?
  3. c Actively dividing epithelial cells in the cervix are confined to what layer? They stain what color?
  4. d What are cancer cells that have broken from the original mass to form secondary tumors at other sites?
  5. e What gives rise to malignant cancer?

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  1. What are the most prevalent cancers?
  2. The high rate of mutagenesis may be due to what?
  3. What is the definition of cancer?
  4. What can identify uterine cancer at early steps in its development?
  5. Decreased stomach cancer is likely due to what?

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  1. They become damaging only after they have been modified by cytochrome P-450 enzyme found in the liver
    Why is panel C considered a high-grade neoplasia?


  2. Its own proliferation or decrease its death15% of cancers have been linked to what?


  3. The basal lamina and endothelial lining of the vesselThe transport of tumor cells through the tissues and into the circulatory system is a difficult step as the cell must cross what two layers?


  4. 1. Epithelial cells are continue to proliferate in adults
    2. Epithelial cells are exposed most often to physical and chemical damaging agents
    3. A combination of 1 and 2
    The high cancer rate in epithelial cells is likely due to what?


  5. NoExcept for tobacco use, has a clear link between an environmental factor and the establishment of cancer been fully established?


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