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  1. The invasion of tumor cells into other tissue
  2. Telomerase
  3. Cancerous cells
  4. 1. Epithelial cells are continue to proliferate in adults
    2. Epithelial cells are exposed most often to physical and chemical damaging agents
    3. A combination of 1 and 2
  5. Mutagenic
  1. a The high cancer rate in epithelial cells is likely due to what?
  2. b Cytochrome P450 converts toxins into harmless and easily secreted compounds. However, modification by P450 may generate a product that is extremely what?
  3. c What is the defining property of metastasis?
  4. d What enzyme complex is responsible for maintaining the ends of chromosomes?
  5. e What kind of cells are able to escape the limitations placed on cell proliferation?

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  1. What are some factors that govern the development of cancer?
  2. Cytochrome P450 converts toxins into what?
  3. What is the process of forming new blood vessels?
  4. Cancer is clonal in nature but cancer does not arise from what?
  5. Alterations in what can result in tumor formation?

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  1. Viruses, bacteria or parasitesMost proliferating cells are deficient in what activity?


  2. Mutations that inactivate cell cycle checkpointsContinued cell division with unrepaired and/or missegregated DNA is due to the acquisition of what? That inactivate what?


  3. NoAt the time of detection, how long have cancer cells been growing?


  4. DNA repair, cell signaling, cell cycle, apoptosis and tissue architectureAdducts formed by P450 mediated aflatoxin induce what? Block what?


  5. Genetic and epigenetic changesWhat two cancers have been linked to increased tobacco use?


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