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  1. Damage which accelerates the accumulation of DNA damage
  2. Tumor promoter
  3. Replicative cell senescence
  4. Inviability
  5. Telomerase activity
  1. a Most proliferating cells are deficient in what activity?
  2. b The rate of mutation is balanced against death, since an excessive mutation rate would lead to what?
  3. c What is the number of times a single cell can double before halting proliferation?
  4. d What are chemicals that are not themselves
    mutagenic, but can cause cancer in cells previously
    exposed to a tumor initiator.
  5. e In cancer cells, ignoring checkpoints provides a cell with the selective advantage of continued cell division in the presence of what?

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  1. The formation and maintenance of inappropriate heterochromatin may result from what?
  2. What are some factors that govern the development of cancer?
  3. Defects in numerous pathways can lead to cancer including proteins involved in what?
  4. What gives rise to malignant cancer?
  5. 15% of cancers have been linked to what?

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  1. The invasion of tumor cells into other tissueThe ability to 'count' the number of times an individual cell has divided is linked to what?


  2. A young individual would be just as likely to get cancer as an older one (onset independent of age)If a single mutation event triggered the formation of a cancerous cell, what would happen?


  3. CondromaWhat is a benign cancer of the epithelial cell with a glandular organization?


  4. 1. Accumulating mutations that disable the checkpoint system that monitors the length of
    chromosome ends
    2. Acquiring mutations that maintain or activate telomerase activity
    3. Acquiring an alternate mechanism to maintain chromosome ends even in the absence
    of telomerase activity
    Continued cell division with unrepaired and/or missegregated DNA is due to the acquisition of what? That inactivate what?


  5. Tumor initiatorWhat is a malignant cancer arising from epithelial cells?


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