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  1. Permanent cell-cycle arrest
  2. Angiogenesis
  3. Neoplasm
  4. The epidermis of the skin
  5. Metastases
  1. a What are cancer cells that have broken from the original mass to form secondary tumors at other sites?
  2. b Shortening of telemeres ends with each cell division ultimately leads to what?
  3. c What is the process of forming new blood vessels?
  4. d The epithelium covering the cervix is similar in its organization to what?
  5. e What is a cell that grows and divides out of control; a tumor?

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  1. What is formed by a cell mass that was able to escape its original location and enter the blood or lymphatic vessels to form secondary tumors?
  2. What two cancers have been linked to increased tobacco use?
  3. For continued cell proliferation, a tumor must also receive what?
  4. P450 mediated aflatoxin modification generates a compound that binds what? Generating what?
  5. Defects in numerous pathways can lead to cancer including proteins involved in what?

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  1. 1) Cells that reproduce in defiance of normal restraints
    2) Cells that invade areas normally reserved for other cells
    What are two heritable properties of cancer?


  2. Harmless and easily secreted compoundsWhat can identify uterine cancer at early steps in its development?


  3. InviabilityCytochrome P450 converts toxins into harmless and easily secreted compounds. However, modification by P450 may generate a product that is extremely what?


  4. MetastasisNot all agents that cause cancer are what?


  5. A single abnormal cell from a specific tissueMost cancers can be traced back to what?


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