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  1. Uxorious
  2. Indignation
  3. Amerced
  4. Injunction
  5. Pregnant
  1. a Anger Aroused By Something Unjust
  2. b Punished By An Arbitrary Penalty
  3. c Teeming Or Fertile; Rich
  4. d Authoritative Order
  5. e Excessively Submissive Or Devoted To One's Wife

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  1. Easily Excused Or Forgiven
  2. Quality Of Having A Temper Or Lacking Mildness
  3. Bitter, Rankling Resentment Or Ill Will
  4. Act Of Paying Too Much Attention To Book Learning
  5. Inclined To Lustfulness; Wanton; Lewd

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  1. DogmatismSource Of Wise Counsel Or Prophetic Opinions


  2. LineamentShowing Deep Feeling


  3. AbyssBeginners; Novices


  4. JauntingMaking A Short Excursion


  5. SatiateExtremely Thins


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