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  1. Satiate
  2. Infidel
  3. Nocent
  4. Penury
  5. Paroxysm
  1. a One Who Has No Morals Or Religious Beliefs
  2. b Harmful; Injurious
  3. c A Fit, Attack, Or Sudden Increase Of Symptoms
  4. d To Satisfy To The Full
  5. e Extreme Poverty

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  1. Offense; Annoyance; Displeasure
  2. A Sign, Token, Or Emblem
  3. Intense; Passionate
  4. Hardened Against Good Morals
  5. The Holder Of An Office

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  1. CapaciousMarked By Care And Persistent Effort


  2. IndignationAnger Aroused By Something Unjust


  3. PredilectionPreference


  4. SedulousMarked By Care And Persistent Effort


  5. ChimericalGiven To Fantastic Schemes


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