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  1. Diarrhoea symptoms can be classed as
  2. What are appropriate samples for specimen collection
  3. GITMD disease are commonly transfered via
  4. What is the principal symptom associated with GITMD
  5. Shigella is a
  1. a non inflammatory or inflammatory
  2. b diarrhoea
  3. c Faeces and vomitus
  4. d human specific pathogen requires mandatory treatment with antibiotics and reporting to limit spread
  5. e the faecal oral route

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  1. yes
  2. Fingers, Food, Flies, Faeces, Fomites and Water
  3. Food toxins: bacteria is coated with toxin and is preformed in the food so doesn't need to replicate in GIT to cause symptoms. Indicated by rapid onset and often multiple cases from people consumiing the same food. (enterotoxins commonly indicated Staph.aureus & Bacillus cereus)
  4. elderly, neonates and travellers to high risk zones
  5. characterised by blood, mucus and pus in stool.

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  1. Where are the principal sites of infection for GITMDsmall intestine and colon


  2. Acute diarrhoea is characterused byliquefied stools


  3. GITMD effectscharacterised by blood, mucus and pus in stool.


  4. Protozoans GITMDGiardia, Cryptosporidium


  5. Fungal GITMD common to AustraliaCandida albicans


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