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  1. GITMD disease are commonly transfered via
  2. Protozoans GITMD
  3. Treatment generally required
  4. What is the principal symptom associated with GITMD
  5. Modes of transmisssion
  1. a Giardia, Cryptosporidium
  2. b the faecal oral route
  3. c diarrhoea
  4. d rehydration
  5. e Fingers, Food, Flies, Faeces, Fomites and Water

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  1. human specific pathogen requires mandatory treatment with antibiotics and reporting to limit spread
  2. By targeting the microbial agent and tranmission routes
  3. the condition is chronic, at risk group is involved, the agent is Shigella. note antibiotics generally only work on bacterial conditions and may actually make other conditions worse as they kill of NRF.
  4. enterobus, Taenia, Echinococcus, Ascaris, Strongyloides
  5. small intestine and colon

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  1. Fungal GITMD common to AustraliaCandida albicans


  2. Most common sourcesnormal functioning of the of GIT


  3. Dysenterynormal functioning of the of GIT


  4. What is the principal tissue targeted by GITMDMucous membranes of the LGIT


  5. Preventative measures for GITMDYes by employing standard enteric precautions


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