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Critical to John F Kennedy's victory in the election of 1960 was his

success in televised debates against Nixon

In contrast to Eisenhower, Kennedy's staff was heavily populated with

academics and intellectuals

John F. Kennedy played down civil rights legislation because he

feared the possibility of alienating Southern Democrats

The most far reaching decision of the Warren Court involved

Legislative reapportionment

In the election of 1964, President Lyndon Johnson easily defeated

Barry Goldwater

The ___ establisehed the Fiar Employment practices committee to lessen discrminiation in employment

civil Rights Act of 1964

John F Kennedy's plan to balance out nuclear capability with conventional military strength was known as

Flexible response

Kennedy's foreign policy appraoch to Latin America was known as the

Alliance for Progress

One result of the Cuban Missile Crisis was the

hot line

Which of the following regions was NOT a foreign policy crisis for John F. Kennedy


The man selected to serve as secretary of defense by John F kennedy was

Robert McNamara

The building of the Berlin Wall in 1961

Was meant to keep East Germans from migrating to the West

The foreign policy of Lyndon Johnson


Lyndon Johnson's political downfall resulted primarily from

his obsession with the Vietnam war

Under John F Kennedy, the US government


As a solution to the increasingly hopeless situation in South Vietnam in 1965, Johnson's key advisers urged

a massive invasion of North Vietnam

American bombing of North Vietnam


The main premise of General Westmoreland's stragety in Vietnam was to

wage a war of attrition against the Communist

In Vietnam, AMerican military strategists counted heavily on

the benefits of massive American firepower

For the US, the turning point of the Vietnam war was the

Tet Offensive

In general, American tactics in the Vietnam War

were ill suited for the type of war being fought

The Soivet leader wtih whom both Eisenhower and Kennedy had to deal was

Nikita Khrushchev

The 1962 Supreme Court decision banning school prayer was

Engle v Vitale

The _____ was Kennedy's most obvious foreign policy disaster

Bay of Pigs invasion

The nickname for John Kennedy's presidential administration is the

age of camelot

The ____ gave President Johnson authority to "take all neccessary measures to repeal any armed attack against the forces of the US in Southeast Asia

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

The foregin policy problem that eventually forced Johnson out of politics was


In his program of health care, Johnson secured

Establishment of the Medicare program for the elderly

President kennedy became extremely frustrated when leaders of the __ industry decided to raise prices

steel industry

Which one of the following sponored the Freedom Riders

Congress of Racial Equitity

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

All of the above (outlawed racial segregation in public facilities, outlawed racial discrimination in employment, protected the voting rights of African Americans, included gender as an unacceptable basis for discrimination)

Why did Kennedy support the Bay of Pigs invasion

he believed it would thwart the aims of the Soviet Union

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