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  1. ethics
  2. Plug-in
  3. Domain name
  4. trademark
  5. search engine
  1. a values for human conduct concerning right and wrong or good and bad behavior.
  2. b a name, symbol, or other feature that identifies a product with a specific owner.
  3. c an application that locates information about Web pages and then stores this information in a searchable database that can be accessed with a browser.
  4. d software that works with a Web browser to play a particular file format, such as an audio or video file.
  5. e part of a URL hat identifies the entity.

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  1. general guidelines for online users.
  2. a protocol used to transfer files from a Web server to a Web browser
  3. an audio or video recording of a broadcast that is distributed via the Web.
  4. a downloading process that shortens the user's wait time by breaking the transmission into small pieces.
  5. A type of search that combines keywords in specific ways to locate specific information.

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  1. Hardwarea system that allows computers to connect and communicate.


  2. World Wide Weba group of related and interlinked XHTML files organized around a common topic.


  3. protocola set of rules and procedures specifying how data needs to be formatted and transmitted between computer systems.


  4. acceptable use policya policy used by organizations such as schools and businesses to regulate online use.


  5. web sitea group of related and interlinked XHTML files organized around a common topic.


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