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  1. acyclovir, ganciclovir
  2. Phenergan (promethazine)
  3. Protonix(pantoprazole)
  4. Didronel (etidronate)-
  5. dilaudid (hydromorphone)
  1. a hypercalcemia. Less potent than aredia PO
  2. b narcotic, IV (drip or bolus), or PO
  3. c PPI, used with steroids to protect stomach, IVP, PO
  4. d PO IV antiemetic
  5. e anti-viral (like shingles)

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  1. antidiarrheal, liquid or pill Rx
  2. 5HT3 antagonist SA, cheaper than kytril
  3. OTC PO very effective with diarrhea
  4. bone marrow recovery of all counts and is given with bone marrow transplant IV
  5. linezolid (zyvox) anti infective

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  1. zometa (zoledromic acid)potent monthly med, hypercalcemia IV


  2. MSIRinstant release morphine (liquid 20mg/ml), used for break through pain


  3. oxycodone- stronger than (facts)OTC PO very effective with diarrhea


  4. Aloxi (palonosetron)hypercalcemia, very potent, give only 1/month. IBPB


  5. Sandostatin LAR depot(SQ IV) for large amount of diarrheal stools. RA $$. Stop when stools form


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