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  1. Neumega (oprelvelkin)
  2. benadryl (diphenhydramine
  3. Roxanol-
  4. xigris
  5. Cesamet-
  1. a stimulates platelets SQ
  2. b given in ICU for severe sepsis to reduce mortality, given IV
  3. c (nabilone) man made form of cannibus
  4. d RA Morphine
  5. e antihistamine, for hypersensativity

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  1. antiemetic, speeds stomach, used in prechemo PO IV
  2. usually on skin or in mouth
  3. narcotic, IV (drip or bolus), or PO
  4. 5HT3 antagonist LA, IV every 7 days
  5. steriod L/A- prekemo N/V inflammation IV, PO

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  1. toradol (ketorolac)NSAID, PO, IV, IM for 5 days max, highly effective in PO pain, hard on the stomach


  2. Narcan (naloxone)-will bind with any narcotic in blood stream. Antidote to opiates


  3. Didronel (etidronate)-hypercalcemia. Less potent than aredia PO


  4. Sandostatin LAR depotIM used to treat very severe diarrhea or GI endocrine tumors. $$ LA


  5. Elitek (rasburicase)-new med that makes uric acid water soluble so it can pass easier. Acid created from lysed cancer cells


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