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  1. zometa (zoledromic acid)
  2. aranesp (darbopoetin alpha)-
  3. Sandostatin LAR depot
  4. Kytril (granisetron- PO/IV and Patch)
  5. megace (800mg/20ml)
  1. a 5HT3, $$, not used often. Patch is new and useful Sancuso- antiemetic used for 5 days and start the day before chemo
  2. b potent monthly med, hypercalcemia IV
  3. c anti neoplastic oral chemo agent. normally used to encourage hunger (which is a SE)
  4. d RBC stimulation, renal failure usually
  5. e IM used to treat very severe diarrhea or GI endocrine tumors. $$ LA

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  1. for anxiety and anticipatory N/V IVP, PO
  2. for skin infections. cyclic lipopeptide antibacterial agents
  3. Antifungals
  4. antibiotics avelox, cipro
  5. PO, oxycodone with APAP

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  1. Roxanol-RA Morphine


  2. vicodinhydorcodone and tylenol PO


  3. Medications given before, during, and after chemoativan, benedryl, decadron, protonix, reglan, zofran


  4. acyclovir, ganciclovirhydorcodone and tylenol PO


  5. Sargramostim (Leukine)-bone marrow recovery of all counts and is given with bone marrow transplant IV


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