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  1. Most pollination takes place between
  2. Female pine cones
  3. The outer layer (integument) develops into
  4. Germination begins when
  5. Phylum Gingkophyta- is unique because it is...
  1. a An impermeable seed coat (encloses the dormant embryo and stored food)
  2. b The seed absorbs water and metabolism resumes
  3. c The last of its kind (only one remaining species)
    No longer exists in the wild
  4. d Flowers of different plants
  5. e Larger than male, have woody scales

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  1. Red (insects see in UV and aren't usually attracted to red)
  2. Ovaries (ovary)
  3. Nectaries
    Nectar contains sugars, amino acids, and other substances to attract pollinators
  4. Conifers
  5. Pines

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  1. Pollination by what mechanisms?The seed absorbs water and metabolism resumes


  2. Angiosperm life cycleMegaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis, followed by mitosis
    Microspore mother cells also undergoes meiosis followed by mitosis (results in pollen grain, which is the male gametophyte)


  3. What are flowers?Modified stems with modified leaves


  4. Other insects that pollinateTropical and subtropical


  5. Flower morphology and timing has often evolved with theWhorls


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