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  1. During pollination, the pollen tube enters the _____ ______ and discharges its contents (___ ___)
  2. Genera Ephedra is used to make ephedrine, which is a...
  3. Fruits with hooks and spines disperse by
  4. Carpel has three major regions:
  5. Phylum Coniferophyta
  1. a Attaching to animals
  2. b Embryo sac; two sperm
  3. c Conifers; includes the tallest (coastal redwoods) and most massive (giant sequoia) trees
  4. d Ovary, stigma, style
  5. e Drug that was used to treat respiratory problems (was pulled from the market because it caused heart attacks/ strokes)

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  1. Gynoecium, which houses the female gametophytes

    Can have more than one carpel
  2. Stamens; male gametophytes (pollen)

  3. A pollen tube
  4. Flowers of different plants
  5. Animals, wind, water, gravity

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  1. StigmaLong neck or stalk that connects stigma to the ovary
    Some plants don't have one


  2. Ungerminated seeds in the soil are theSeed bank


  3. All seed plants are _____ and different spore types therefore give rise to...Gynoecium, which houses the female gametophytes

    Can have more than one carpel


  4. Pylum Gnetophyta- only gymnosperms with...The last of its kind (only one remaining species)
    No longer exists in the wild


  5. What is the oldest tree?Modified stems with modified leaves


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