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  1. The outer layer (integument) develops into
  2. Pollination
  3. Seed plants evolved from...
  4. Four major phyla of gymnosperms
  5. Reproduction varies: which two have motile sperm and which have non-flagellated sperm?
  1. a An impermeable seed coat (encloses the dormant embryo and stored food)
  2. b Spore-bearing plants
  3. c The transfer of pollen from its source to a receptacle (stigma) of a flowering plant
  4. d Coniferophyta
  5. e Cycads and Ginkos have motile sperm, Conifers and Gnetophytes have non-flagellated sperm

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  1. Carpel tip, which is sticky or feathery so pollen can stick to it
  2. Flowers of different plants
  3. Have flowers and fruits and sporophyte covered seeds
  4. Tropical and subtropical
  5. Ovaries (ovary)

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  1. Fruits with fleshy coverings that are shiny black, red, or blue are usually dispersed byVertebrates


  2. All seed plants are _____ and different spore types therefore give rise to...Heterosporous; two different gametophytes


  3. Among insect-pollinated angiosperms, what insect is the most popular?Bees


  4. Genera Ephedra is used to make ephedrine, which is a...Whorls


  5. SeedsVehicle for dispersing the embryo to distant sites


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