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  1. Female pine cones
  2. Pollination
  3. Flower parts are attaches in circles called
  4. Stigma
  5. What has been the most important?
  1. a Larger than male, have woody scales
  2. b Carpel tip, which is sticky or feathery so pollen can stick to it
  3. c Whorls
  4. d Pines
  5. e The transfer of pollen from its source to a receptacle (stigma) of a flowering plant

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  1. Sepals (most flowers have 3-5, they are usually green)
    Next whorl consists of petals (usually colored to attract pollinators)
  2. Vehicle for dispersing the embryo to distant sites
  3. Megaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis, followed by mitosis
    Microspore mother cells also undergoes meiosis followed by mitosis (results in pollen grain, which is the male gametophyte)
  4. Seed bank
  5. 1. Seeds maintain dormancy in unfavorable conditions
    2. Seeds afford maximum protection when the plant is the most vulnerable
    3. Seeds contain food to permit young plants to grow before photosynthesis begins
    4. Seeds are adapted for dispersal (allows invasion of new habitats)

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  1. OvaryModified leaf that encapsulates the seeds and develops into fruit


  2. Carpel has three major regions:Modified stems with modified leaves


  3. Seed plants evolved from...Bristlecone pine (~4800 years old)
    Named Methuselah


  4. Various species are useful to humans how?Timber for construction
    Taxol (used to treat cancer)


  5. Acorns and nuts distributed bySmall animals that bury them


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