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  1. Ovary
  2. As compared to gymnosperms, angiosperms have/are...
  3. Seed plants evolved from...
  4. Angiosperms
  5. Seeds can absorb a lot of water and often the water pressure...
  1. a Have flowers and fruits and sporophyte covered seeds
  2. b Are heterosporous
    Have non-motile sperm
    Ovules that are enclosed within sporophyte tissue at the time of pollination
  3. c Breaks the seed coat
  4. d Spore-bearing plants
  5. e Swollen base which consists of many ovules; ovary later develops into a fruit

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  1. Bees
  2. Stamens; male gametophytes (pollen)

  3. Embryo sac; two sperm
  4. Animals, wind, water, gravity
  5. -Some seeds only germinate when inhibitory chemicals leak out into the environment (requires water)
    Some seeds require cold period (stratification)
    Cones may not open to let out seeds unless exposed to heat from a fire (fire clears out competition and releases nutrients into the soil)

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  1. PollinationSwollen base which consists of many ovules; ovary later develops into a fruit


  2. What are all sperm carried within?Modified stems with modified leaves


  3. Fruits are mature ____; during seed formation, the _____ develops into a fruitAn impermeable seed coat (encloses the dormant embryo and stored food)


  4. Where are conifers usually found?Drier and colder temperate regions (great forests in the Northern hemisphere)


  5. Most pollination takes place betweenFlowers of different plants


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