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  1. Some seeds only germinate after being passed through the digestive tract of the animal (which ensures dispersal), why?
  2. Stigma
  3. Various species are useful to humans how?
  4. Other insects that pollinate
  5. Phylum Coniferophyta
  1. a Conifers; includes the tallest (coastal redwoods) and most massive (giant sequoia) trees
  2. b Butterflies (flowers may have a perch)
    Moths (pollinate at night, so flowers are scented and white)
    Beetles and flies (flowers sometimes smell like rotting flesh)
    Bats and small mammals
  3. c Timber for construction
    Taxol (used to treat cancer)
  4. d Digestive enzymes break down the seed coat
    Feces provide a natural fertilizer
  5. e Carpel tip, which is sticky or feathery so pollen can stick to it

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  1. Vessels in their xylem (as well as their tracheids)
  2. Small animals that bury them
  3. A pollen tube
  4. Tropical and subtropical
  5. Conifers

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  1. All seed plants are _____ and different spore types therefore give rise to...Heterosporous; two different gametophytes


  2. Most pollination takes place betweenThe seed absorbs water and metabolism resumes


  3. Four major phyla of gymnospermsConiferophyta


  4. Female pine conesThe transfer of pollen from its source to a receptacle (stigma) of a flowering plant


  5. StyleVehicle for dispersing the embryo to distant sites


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