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  1. Male gametophytes (____ ____) develop from ______ found on male cones
  2. Phylum Cycadophyta- resemble ____ but are not flowering plants
  3. Ovary
  4. Female pine cones
  5. Seeds can absorb a lot of water and often the water pressure...
  1. a Palms
  2. b Swollen base which consists of many ovules; ovary later develops into a fruit
  3. c Larger than male, have woody scales
  4. d Breaks the seed coat
  5. e Pollen grains; microspores

    Pollen grains develop air sacs to assist in dispersal

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  1. The emergence of the first root (radicle)
  2. Have flowers and fruits and sporophyte covered seeds
  3. Embryo sac; two sperm
  4. Modified leaf that encapsulates the seeds and develops into fruit
  5. Animals, wind, water, gravity

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  1. Similar life cycle toMegaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis, followed by mitosis
    Microspore mother cells also undergoes meiosis followed by mitosis (results in pollen grain, which is the male gametophyte)


  2. What type of climate?Modified stems with modified leaves


  3. PedicelVehicle for dispersing the embryo to distant sites


  4. PollinationFlower bud that grows at the end of the stalk


  5. What are all sperm carried within?A pollen tube


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