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  1. who were the shakers
  2. how many workers were there at its peak
  3. what are the basic characteristics and measurements of trees and forests that guide silvicultural methods and management plans.
  4. what does big thinning do to the forest
  5. what was the first recovery program that FDR started when he was president
  1. a more effiecnt if everyone does it than 1 person alone
  2. b 500,000
  3. c accelerates the growth of the strongest and biggest trees
  4. d LAI, DBH, LCR
  5. e CCC

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  1. gaps open and fill, multiple canopy layers, usually more species, irregular densities, caused by chronic disturbance
  2. managed and prescribed a fire to change a forest; or use thining to change a forest
  3. control the understory of vegetation
  4. improvement cuts, thinning, and harvest/regenerational cuts
  5. accelerates the natural process of self thinning a forest would do over time

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  1. when did FDR become influential in the enviromental movementaccelerates the growth of the strongest and biggest trees


  2. what does thinning remove from the forestaccelerates the growth of the strongest and biggest trees


  3. what are gap dynamicslead to uneven stand; lightining of ice damage to tree that alllows little trees to grow


  4. What event caused action in this countrymen 17-25 WW1 vets


  5. what does TRIAD stand forleaf area index


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