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  1. what does reserve mean
  2. What were the regional (even national) effects that caused great concern and, ultimately, political action?
  3. how many workers were there at its peak
  4. How does fire intensity (e.g., a surface fire traveling into the wind versus a crown fire traveling with the wind up steep mountainsides) influence the character and condition of the forest in the aftermath of the fire?
  5. When was the earliest known time when people used forests to protect there land
  1. a 1342 Switzerland
  2. b find places that people want to keep untouched, no active mGMT(preservation)
  3. c the effects were noticed by GPM in europe were the effects of deforestation were underway.
  4. d a crown fire can burn the whole forest while low fies will wipe out low lying trees and blacken the forest floor and allow shrubs to grow afterwards
  5. e 500,000

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  1. tornado, hurricane, large forest fire
  2. When Pinchot wrote lettes to FDR about implementing conservation idea when FDR was still governor
  3. the dust bowl.....son
  4. food, water and cover(bury young, hide from predators, hide from severe weather
  5. CCC

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  1. who was wangari maathaiworked in Minnestoa on lake superoior and boundary waters canoe area. Helped pass the boundary waters act


  2. WHo enlisted in the CCCCivilian Conservation Corp.


  3. what does LAI meanleaf area index


  4. what is thinining ?accelerates the natural process of self thinning a forest would do over time


  5. what is the goal of the shelter wood methodcontrol the understory of vegetation


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