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  1. When did the Conservation Movement begin as a formal, well-organized effort (...reconciling conflicting uses for the greatest good of the greatest number over the long run)?
  2. what is riparian vegetation mean
  3. who was wangari maathai
  4. what does forest MGMT do for the forest?
  5. How and why does high grading or diameter-limit cutting degrade forest ecosystems and reduce landowner options over time?
  1. a women; lead the green belt movement in Africa; also won a nobel prize
  2. b forest MGMT enhances diversity n order to foster more species i.e. diversity
  3. c diameter limit cutting and high grade loggersthat cut on someone else's land that will remove the highest and most valuable trees (dominant and co-dominant)
  4. d prevent erosion and hold iverbanks in place; prmote fish health; keeps rivers cold int he summer and warm in the winterless algae and hold more dissolved oxygen
  5. e When Pinchot wrote lettes to FDR about implementing conservation idea when FDR was still governor

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  1. Dr. Franklin Hough
  2. diameter breast height
  3. 1342 Switzerland
  4. 500,000
  5. reserve intensive ad extensive

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  1. what are the charateristics of an un-even aged standsingle tree selection, small group selection(remove 2-5 trees per acre)patch selection(up to 1 acre and 100 trees)


  2. what is the goal of the shelter wood methodthey took care of fixing equipment, and were tradesmen. If a camper showed intrest then the LEM would teach them everything the knew


  3. what are even aged silvicultural methodsimprovement cuts, thinning, and harvest/regenerational cuts


  4. Why is it important to leave standing dead trees and large (and small) woody debris in forests?makes the whole area start over and the new trees will have the same age


  5. What information is needed about wildlife community before management actions can be designed and implemented?the state of the forest; what is there already, what will survive in the long run, what it needs to be successful


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