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  1. when did FDR become influential in the enviromental movement
  2. What act did Hough's findings enact
  3. what is riparian vegetation mean
  4. WHo were the LEM
  5. What does intensive mean?
  1. a 1930's when he was governor of NEW YORK
  2. b 1891 Forest reserve act; Catskill and adirondack forest preserves
  3. c locally experienced men 5-10 per camp that were responsible
  4. d highly managed for raising specific trees for utilization(utilization)
  5. e prevent erosion and hold iverbanks in place; prmote fish health; keeps rivers cold int he summer and warm in the winterless algae and hold more dissolved oxygen

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  1. trees/ acres
  2. more effiecnt if everyone does it than 1 person alone
  3. the state of the forest; what is there already, what will survive in the long run, what it needs to be successful
  4. accelerates the growth of the strongest and biggest trees
  5. men 17-25 WW1 vets

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  1. what do dead trees add to the forestnutrients, cover for birds and mamals alike,


  2. What is the CCCCivilian Conservation Corp.


  3. Explain why it is preferable to use the term "natural disturbance" versus "natural disaster" in relation to forests and other ecosystems.managed and prescribed a fire to change a forest; or use thining to change a forest


  4. Who wrote about startignthe conservation movement firstgeorge perkins marsh in 1864 Man and nature


  5. what are the consquences of high grading or diameter limit cuttingsingle initiation event, single canopy layer, approx. normal dist, caused by acute disturbance


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