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  1. When did the Conservation Movement begin as a formal, well-organized effort (...reconciling conflicting uses for the greatest good of the greatest number over the long run)?
  2. what was the first recovery program that FDR started when he was president
  3. what does reserve mean
  4. What act did Hough's findings enact
  5. WHo was apppointed by the federal governement in 1878 to report on the status of the country's forests
  1. a find places that people want to keep untouched, no active mGMT(preservation)
  2. b Dr. Franklin Hough
  3. c 1891 Forest reserve act; Catskill and adirondack forest preserves
  4. d CCC
  5. e When Pinchot wrote lettes to FDR about implementing conservation idea when FDR was still governor

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  1. accelerates the natural process of self thinning a forest would do over time
  2. locally experienced men 5-10 per camp that were responsible
  3. nutrients, cover for birds and mamals alike,
  4. 1930's when he was governor of NEW YORK
  5. because removing them disturbs the forest because it removes nutrients(infertile soil) liek decaying wood from dead trees.

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  1. How and why does high grading or diameter-limit cutting degrade forest ecosystems and reduce landowner options over time?once the big seeding trees are gone there is no goign back without replanting trees


  2. what are the silvicultural methods for an uneven aged forestsingle tree selection, small group selection(remove 2-5 trees per acre)patch selection(up to 1 acre and 100 trees)


  3. List at least 10 functions, products, benefits, and/or values of forests.makes the whole area start over and the new trees will have the same age


  4. what is an example of an acute stand replacementfind and save leave trees in order to re-seed the area; remove the rest of the trees in the first lumber sale


  5. What does extensive meanlightly MGMT area used to enhance wildlife habitat;used for recreational use(conservation)


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