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  1. Who wrote about startignthe conservation movement first
  2. How much were they paid and who did it support
  3. who was FDR
  4. What event caused action in this country
  5. who was wangari maathai
  1. a george perkins marsh in 1864 Man and nature
  2. b 25$ back to home to support 10 people; 5$ to the workers
  3. c the dust bowl.....son
  4. d started the CCC, appointed enviromentalists to the government; forest resevre act; national forests;
  5. e women; lead the green belt movement in Africa; also won a nobel prize

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  1. live crown rate= live crown height/total height
  2. it produces an even aged forest
  3. makes the whole area start over and the new trees will have the same age
  4. thinnning takesupressed and intermediate trees that wouldnt make it anyway. just speeding up the process
  5. When Pinchot wrote lettes to FDR about implementing conservation idea when FDR was still governor

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  1. what are even aged silvicultural methodsimprovement cuts, thinning, and harvest/regenerational cuts


  2. what are the charateristics of an un-even aged standgaps open and fill, multiple canopy layers, usually more species, irregular densities, caused by chronic disturbance


  3. When was the earliest known time when people used forests to protect there land1342 Switzerland


  4. what does forest MGMT do for the forest?forest MGMT enhances diversity n order to foster more species i.e. diversity


  5. what is thinining ?Civilian Conservation Corp.


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