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  1. What event caused action in this country
  2. How much were they paid and who did it support
  3. what are the charateristics of an even aged stand
  4. what are the silvicultural methods for an uneven aged forest
  5. what are the consquences of high grading or diameter limit cutting
  1. a single initiation event, single canopy layer, approx. normal dist, caused by acute disturbance
  2. b the dust bowl.....son
  3. c 25$ back to home to support 10 people; 5$ to the workers
  4. d single tree selection, small group selection(remove 2-5 trees per acre)patch selection(up to 1 acre and 100 trees)
  5. e once the big seeding trees are gone there is no goign back without replanting trees

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  1. live crown rate= live crown height/total height
  2. locally experienced men 5-10 per camp that were responsible
  3. diameter limit cutting and high grade loggersthat cut on someone else's land that will remove the highest and most valuable trees (dominant and co-dominant)
  4. accelerates the natural process of self thinning a forest would do over time
  5. nutrients, cover for birds and mamals alike,

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  1. Who was sigurd Olsonworked in Minnestoa on lake superoior and boundary waters canoe area. Helped pass the boundary waters act


  2. what does the shelterwood method produceit produces an even aged forest


  3. WHo enlisted in the CCCCivilian Conservation Corp.


  4. what was their sloganCivilian Conservation Corp.


  5. what is shelterwood selectionlightly MGMT area used to enhance wildlife habitat;used for recreational use(conservation)


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