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  1. who was wangari maathai
  2. What information is needed about wildlife community before management actions can be designed and implemented?
  3. what are gap dynamics
  4. what is the goal of the shelter wood method
  5. what are even aged silvicultural methods
  1. a lead to uneven stand; lightining of ice damage to tree that alllows little trees to grow
  2. b the state of the forest; what is there already, what will survive in the long run, what it needs to be successful
  3. c control the understory of vegetation
  4. d women; lead the green belt movement in Africa; also won a nobel prize
  5. e clear cut, but save the seed tree ( 5-10) per acre left to cast seeds, shelterwood method, and coppice

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  1. find places that people want to keep untouched, no active mGMT(preservation)
  2. accelerates the natural process of self thinning a forest would do over time
  3. locally experienced men 5-10 per camp that were responsible
  4. wood, lumber, clean water, foods, clean air, pharmaceuticals, forest protect soil from soil erosion, protection from the elements, recreational activites, renewable energy, wildlife habitats, spiritual connections
  5. they took care of fixing equipment, and were tradesmen. If a camper showed intrest then the LEM would teach them everything the knew

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  1. WHo were the voyageurssigurd olson and group of canadians; travled the mackinzie river; got the wlderness act passed


  2. what is shelterwood selectionfind and save leave trees in order to re-seed the area; remove the rest of the trees in the first lumber sale


  3. what are the charateristics of an un-even aged standgaps open and fill, multiple canopy layers, usually more species, irregular densities, caused by chronic disturbance


  4. who was FDRlocally experienced men 5-10 per camp that were responsible


  5. What act did Hough's findings enact1891 Forest reserve act; Catskill and adirondack forest preserves


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