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  1. supersaturated solution
  2. avogadros number
  3. osmosis
  4. molarity
  5. solute
  1. a the number of moles of solute per liter of solution, its symbolized as M
  2. b contains more solute than can be dissolved at the currant temperature
  3. c this has provided the basis for the concept of the mole
  4. d defusion of water across a membrane ; movement of solvent
  5. e the substance in the mixture present in lesser quantity

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  1. the force of attraction between any two atoms in a compound
  2. matter cannot be either gained or lost in the process of a chemical reaction
  3. a transfer of one or more electrons from one atom to another
  4. instead, each atom attains a noble gas configuration by __________________
  5. same concentration

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  1. saturated solutiona solution that contains all the solute that can be dissolved at a particular temperature


  2. covalent compoundsare typically formed from nonmetals


  3. electronegativitya measure of the ability of an atom to attract electrons in a chemical bond


  4. The two naming systemsinstead, each atom attains a noble gas configuration by __________________


  5. in this class the solvent is always _________constant


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