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  1. b cells
  2. Natural Killer Cells
  3. globulin
  4. Thymus
  5. flu shot
  1. a T cells are formed where?
  2. b kills a variety of cells and act closely with the 3rd line of defense; kills bacteria, fungu and cancer cells; non specific defense
  3. c cells associated with antibody meediated immunity
  4. d what is an example of artificially acquired active immunity?
  5. e what is an example of artificially acquired passive immunity?

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  1. located on lower sides of throat
  2. build up of dead wbc and fluid
  3. why is the speen important to adults?
  4. B cells are formed where?
  5. ..., other name for antibodies

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  1. Anaphylaxis..., Severe allergic reaction


  2. autoimmune diseasewhat is an example of autoimmune disease?


  3. cervical lymph nodesfilter fluid from legs and genitalia


  4. IgGfound in endocrine fluids


  5. Chemotaxissecretes thymosins, located in upper part of thoracic caavity, place where wbc go to mature, peaks in life around 13 yrs old


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