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  1. MALT
  2. IgE
  3. tears/skin
  4. Macrophage
  5. t cells
  1. a example of 1st line of defense
  2. b mucosal associated lymphoid tissue; found in lymphatic tissue filters pathogens
  3. c activates allergies
  4. d cells associated with cell mediated immunity
  5. e monocytes that become trapped in certain organs and live there; high levels in liver, spleen, lympg nodes, and lungs

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  1. B cells are formed where?
  2. doesnt matter what the pathogen is we just battle everything
  3. what is an example of artificially acquired active immunity?
  4. lymph nodes in the throat area that filter pathogens that enter the nose or mouth
  5. enhance phagocytosis

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  1. inflammation or feverwhen inflammation is caused by a pathogen


  2. Thymusbuild up of dead wbc and fluid


  3. Complement Proteins..., other name for antibodies


  4. Pyrogenswhat is an example of Genetic immunity?


  5. spleenactivates allergies


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