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  1. PArvo
  2. antigen presentation, t cell activation, t cell cloning
  3. similar antigens
  4. IgA
  5. the organ would die
  1. a found in endocrine fluids
  2. b what is an example of Genetic immunity?
  3. c steps of cell mediated immunity
  4. d what do you have to b a organ match?
  5. e what happens if a donor wasnt a match?

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  1. located in the upper thoracic cavity
  2. walls are 1 cell layer thick, has large pores, distributed like veins
  3. doesnt matter what the pathogen is we just battle everything
  4. b cells; indirect attack
  5. secretes thymosins, located in upper part of thoracic caavity, place where wbc go to mature, peaks in life around 13 yrs old

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  1. Complement Proteins..., other name for antibodies


  2. Pusbuild up of dead wbc and fluid


  3. inflammation or feverexample of 2nd line of defense


  4. specific immunityprovides defense against only certain pathogens, example chicken pox


  5. Thymusbuild up of dead wbc and fluid


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