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  1. Interferons
  2. autoimmune disease
  3. MALT
  4. Natural Killer Cells
  5. Anaphylaxis
  1. a when cells cant recognize "self cells" which leads to attack on "self" cells
  2. b kills a variety of cells and act closely with the 3rd line of defense; kills bacteria, fungu and cancer cells; non specific defense
  3. c mucosal associated lymphoid tissue; found in lymphatic tissue filters pathogens
  4. d prevent viruses from multiplying in your cells
  5. e ..., Severe allergic reaction

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  1. secretes thymosins, located in upper part of thoracic caavity, place where wbc go to mature, peaks in life around 13 yrs old
  2. doesnt matter what the pathogen is we just battle everything
  3. a regulating body substance released in excess during allergic reactions causing swelling and inflammation of tissues
  4. b cells; indirect attack
  5. chemicals that stimulate the hyputhalamus to reset body temp

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  1. Lingual Tonsilslocated at top of throat by nasal cavity


  2. Chemotaxislocated in the upper thoracic cavity


  3. Macrophagechemicals that stimulate the hyputhalamus to reset body temp


  4. Palatine Tonsilslocated on lower sides of throat


  5. Infectionprevent viruses from multiplying in your cells


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