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  1. flu shot
  2. Bone Marrow
  3. Tonsils
  4. the organ would die
  5. Thymus
  1. a what happens if a donor wasnt a match?
  2. b lymph nodes in the throat area that filter pathogens that enter the nose or mouth
  3. c secretes thymosins, located in upper part of thoracic caavity, place where wbc go to mature, peaks in life around 13 yrs old
  4. d B cells are formed where?
  5. e what is an example of artificially acquired active immunity?

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  1. when inflammation is caused by a pathogen
  2. what do you have to b a organ match?
  3. function of antibodies
  4. located in the upper thoracic cavity
  5. float around looking for bacteria, when they find bacteria they start poking holes in them

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  1. inflammation or feverwhen inflammation is caused by a pathogen


  2. stores platelets so we arent constantly clotting, destroys rbcsteps of cell mediated immunity


  3. t/b cellscells associated with cell mediated immunity


  4. IgGfound in endocrine fluids


  5. Lingual Tonsilslocated at top of throat by nasal cavity


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