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  1. Mental Set
  2. Deep Structure
  3. Expressive Language
  4. Representative Heuristic
  5. Confirmation Bias
  1. a The ability to produce language
  2. b Tendency to only seek information that is likely to support one's decisions and beliefs
  3. c We have a tendency to only use solutions that have worked in the past
  4. d Matching an object to a "concept" or "category" without processing how likely the fit may be
  5. e Notion of nouns, verbs, commands

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  1. Young children are able to learn the rules of language (Chomsky)
  2. The process by which we generate and evaluate arguments
  3. The smallest units of meaning in a language
  4. Ability to speak two languages
  5. System of symbols, sounds, meanings and rules combination that allow for communication among humans

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  1. Inductive reasoningWe reason from specific observations to general propositions


  2. SemanticsMental processes of thinking


  3. Behaviorist TheoryLanguage is learned through imitation, exposure, and reinforcement (Skinner)


  4. Compensatory Decision ModelsDo not allow some attributes to compensate for others


  5. PhonemesThe smallest speech units in a language that can be distinguished


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