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  1. Framing
  2. Availability Heuristic
  3. Linguistic relativity
  4. Representative Heuristic
  5. Algorithms
  1. a How problems are asked can have an effect on peoples emotional response
  2. b Decision making based on the fact that things which are easily recalled seem to be typical/common
  3. c The hypothesis that one's language determines the nature of one's thoughts (Whorf)
  4. d A methodical, step by step procedure for trying all possible alternatives to solve a problem
  5. e Matching an object to a "concept" or "category" without processing how likely the fit may be

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  1. Do not allow some attributes to compensate for others
  2. Lacks non-important words Ex: "Give doll"
  3. Ability to speak two languages
  4. Particular words used
  5. Simple and conveys meaning Ex: "UP!"

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  1. ReasoningThe process by which we generate and evaluate arguments


  2. OverextensionsWord describes wider set of objects than it is meant to


  3. InsightSudden discovery of the correct solution


  4. CognitionMental processes of thinking


  5. Inductive reasoningDraw conclusions from a set of assumptions


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