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  1. Overextensions
  2. Behaviorist Theory
  3. Inductive reasoning
  4. Reasoning
  5. Expressive Language
  1. a The ability to produce language
  2. b We reason from specific observations to general propositions
  3. c The process by which we generate and evaluate arguments
  4. d Language is learned through imitation, exposure, and reinforcement (Skinner)
  5. e Word describes wider set of objects than it is meant to

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  1. Mental processes of thinking
  2. Simple and conveys meaning Ex: "UP!"
  3. Decision making based on the fact that things which are easily recalled seem to be typical/common
  4. Grammatical rules that are incorrectly generalize irregular cases where they do not apply Ex: "The girl GOED home"
  5. The smallest units of meaning in a language

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  1. PhonemesThe smallest units of meaning in a language


  2. Interactionist TheoryThink parents influence language development and humans are built well to to learn language


  3. InsightSudden discovery of the correct solution


  4. Noncompensatory Decision ModelsAllows attractive attributes to compensate for unattractive attributes


  5. Receptive LanguageThe ability to produce language


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