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  1. BCE
  2. Daoism
  3. CE
  4. Persian Wars
  5. cuneiform
  1. a Two failed attempts by the Persian Empire in the 400s BCE to conquer the Greeks in the 400s BCE
  2. b Dates that countdown backwards to the year zero.
  3. c Chinese religion from 500s BCE that emphasized following the mystical and indescribable "Way." It celebrated the chaos and contradictions of reality as well as the harmony of nature. The Yin and Yang symbolizes many aspects of this religion.
  4. d Represents dates after the year zero. Stands for Common Era.
  5. e
    The first written language, which was created by the Sumerians in about 3000 BCE.

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  1. A turning point in the stone age when humans began farming.
  2. Mesopotamia is the land between what two rivers?
  3. The first river valley civilization of India on the Indus River. They mysteriously disappeared.
  4. During a civil war the Roman Senate allowed him to become a dictator but he refused to give it up and the senate eventually killed him. But his name came to mean "emperor".
  5. Greatest empire in the world up to 500 BCE. Spoke an Indo-European language. A multi-ethnic and multi-religious empire. Fell to Alexander the Great.

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  1. pyramidsClassical Rome and China both had new foreign religions that spread widely in their empires due to the fact that both had built networks of these.


  2. QinChinese Dynasty (206 BCE - 220 CE) ruled a centralized and growing empire for 400 years. Complex centralized buraucracy with Civil service system based on Confucianism. Traded on Silk Road.


  3. Roman RepublicExisted from 27 BCE to about 400 CE. Conquiered entire Mediterranean coast and most of Europe. Ruled by an emperor. Eventually oversaw the rise and spread of Christianity.


  4. The Middle East
    Christianity first developed in Palestine on the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, which is in what general region of the world?


  5. tonesChinese language is made up of four different _____ which change the meaning of the words being spoken.


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