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  1. Aqueducts
  2. Americas
  3. Reincarnation
  4. Tigris and Euphrates
  5. Mesopotamia
  1. a Means "land between the rivers" and refers to the region of present-day Iraq.
  2. b Mesopotamia is the land between what two rivers?
  3. c People in this region developed complex urban societies and empires without the benefit of large pack animals or Iron technology.
  4. d
    Famous example of Roman engineering that also made possible the existence of large cities.
  5. e Hindu and Buddhist belief that souls are reborn into new bodies over and over.

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  1. Between approximately 4000 and 1500 BCE human societies in certain river valleys transformed from Neolithic farming villages into more complex urban societies. What might this transition be called?
  2. Leader of the Mauryan dynasty of India who conquered most of India but eventually gave up violence and converted to Buddhism.

  3. The first written language, which was created by the Sumerians in about 3000 BCE.
  4. Two failed attempts by the Persian Empire in the 400s BCE to conquer the Greeks in the 400s BCE
  5. The name of the first culture in the world to develop cities.

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  1. pyramidsClassical Rome and China both had new foreign religions that spread widely in their empires due to the fact that both had built networks of these.


  2. HunsChinese dynasty in 200s BCE. Lasted 15 years. Unified Chinese kingdoms, built the Great Wall and its emperor was the legalistic Shi Huangdi.


  3. The Middle EastThis body of water separates the Arabian Peninsula from Africa.


  4. CivilizationHindu and Buddhist belief that souls are reborn into new bodies over and over.


  5. MediterraneanThe Phonecian traders brought the first alphabet from the Middle East to the Greeks because both were seafaring traders in this sea.


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