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The _______ are responsible for the orderly operation of cell structure and functions


the originating cell type for a sarcoma is

connective tissue

the term that describes abnormal or uncontrolled cell tissue growth is


The american cancer society attributes 2/3 of all US cancer cases to these behaviors

smoke and foods

an oncogene can best be described as a gene when activated causes ______ growth


A relationship has been astablished between risk of breast cancer and a high dietary intake of _______


Cancers that arise from epitheal tissue are called


The cellular components of the immune system that are derived from the thymus are the

T cells

People who emigrate into the US eventually develop the same cancers as those born in the US due to changes in

dietary habits

Physical changes in the body thata result from impaired immune system integrity include atrophy of the liver, spleen, and

bone marrow

The cells that activate ______ are Tcells


The cells that are responsible for the synthesis and secretion of anibodies are

B cells

The _______ approach to cancer is used primaraly to remove operable tumors


Loss of ______ sensation is more likly to occur when cancer patients are treated using radiation


the class of nutrients that is primaraly responsible for maintaing tissue integrity and immune competence are


The type of cancer therapy that can invovle the use of radiosotopes is


clients who recieve chemotheraputic drugs often develop


cancer patients wth stomatists will tolerate foods best that are


for clients who have cancer, additional protein is needed to regenerate


the term stomatitis refers to and inflammation of the _______ mucosa


moist foods may be helpful for someone with a ______ _________

sore mouth

the systemic effects of cancer may result in _____ balance

negative nitrogen

clients who recieve cheotherapy often develop anemia bc of bone marrow ________


major disadvantages of abdominal radiation include adverse effects of _____________

bowel function

the freatest interference with normal food intake is caused by treatment of cancer in the

head or neck

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