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  1. plasmin
  2. hemodilution
  3. aortic atresia
  4. chronotrope
  5. systole
  1. a blood enzyme that digest fibrin, thus dissolving clots
  2. b cardiac contraction
  3. c pharmaceutical that changes the heart rate up or down
  4. d small or underdeveloped aorta
  5. e down in blood Hgb and RBC

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  1. precursor to plasmin
  2. beta blockers
  3. Ca++ channel blockers
  4. pharmaceutical that changes the force of myocardial contractility up or down
  5. percursor to fibrin in the clotting process

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  1. regurgitationbackflow of blood through a valve


  2. mediastinumare between lungs containing the heart, great vessels, trachea, esophagus, thymus


  3. stenosiscardiac contraction


  4. Class 3beta blockers


  5. Vaughn-Williams ClassificationA classification of cardiac pharmaceuticals based on antiarrhytmic effect


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