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  1. asthma (pathogenetic mechanism)
  2. bronchiectasis (cause)
  3. bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome
  4. acute bronchiolitis
  5. bronchiolar disorders (diagnosis)
  1. a HRCT (tree-in-bud opacities)
  2. b bacterial, viral, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis
  3. c airway inflammation
  4. d RSV
  5. e after lung transplantation

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  1. patchy inflammation/epithelial injury, fibrosis of bronchioles (noncartilaginous)
  2. airway hyperresponsiveness
  3. in Japan, cough w/ purulent sputum
  4. abn dilation of bronchi (inflamm/destruction bronchial walls)
  5. triad (wheezing, chronic episodic dyspnea, chronic cough), pulsus paradoxus

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  1. CTFR mutationairway inflammation, airway hyper-reactivity, reversible airflow obstruction


  2. advanced cystic fibrosisautosomal recessive, multi-organ (lung, pancrease, repro), CFTR defect


  3. Kartagener syndromeclinical triad (sinusitis, situs inversus, infertility)


  4. bronchiectasis (radio)bacterial, viral, allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis


  5. cystic fibrosis (diagnosis)meconium ileus, steatorrhea, salty-tasting skin, pancreatic insufficiency, malasborption, azoospermia


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