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The American Revolution Test

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  1. Declaratory Act
  2. Indian Removal Act
  3. Gibbons v. Ogden
  4. Bill of Rights
  5. Jeffersonians
  1. a removal of all native American tribes to an area west of the Mississippi River
  2. b a case involving competing steamboat companies, Marshall ruled that commerce includes navigation and that only congress has the right to regulate commerce among states
  3. c to oppose the antifederalists, the states ratified 10 amendments; the first nine spelled out specific guarantees of personal freedoms, and the 10th amendment reserved to the states all powers not specifically withheld or granted to the federal government
  4. d supported Thomas Jefferson; under guidance of James Madison; opposed Hamilton's National Bank; began to organize political groups in opposition to Hamilton's program; called themselves Democratic-Republicans
  5. e claimed for Parliament the power to tax or make laws for the Americans "in all cases whatsoever"

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  1. trained militiamen who would respond at a moment's notice
  2. these 4 acts were the British's response to the Boston Tea Party
  3. it operated under Nicholas Biddle since 1823, a cautious man with conservative economic policy; Jackson vetoed the renewal of this and it ceased being a federal institution in 1836
  4. ensured that a tie vote between candidates of the same party could not again cause the confusion of the jefferson-burr affair
  5. jacksonian democracy; won election for democratic party in 1828; ignored his appointed cabinet officers and relied on the counsel of his "kitchen cabinet"; exercised power of veto more than any other president before him

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  1. Declaration of Independenceprimarily the work of Thomas Jefferson; a restatement of political ideas by then commonplace in America and showed why the former colonists felt justified in separating from Great Britain (adopted July 4, 1776)


  2. Marbury v. Madisonestablished the Supreme Court's power of judicial review over federal legislation


  3. Alien Actimposed direct tax on the colonists for first time


  4. War of 1812the forced march under U.S. army escort of thousands of Cherokee Indians to the west; one quarter of them perished on the journey


  5. TrentonAmerican victory here convinced the French to join openly in the war against England


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