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  1. Diet
  2. Endurance
  3. Washing your hands with soap and water
  4. Aerobic exercise
  5. Doing warm ups, working out and then cooling down
  1. a What helps to keep germs from spreading?
  2. b exercise that works your heart to make it strong
  3. c List three steps of exercising safely.
  4. d the foods you eat and drink
  5. e exercising a long time without being tired

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  1. how powerful your muscles are
  2. What you should do when you are hurt or injured?
  3. a nutrient found in pastas, bread, and fruits
  4. Identify an example of a warm-up exercise.
  5. What will keep your teeth, gums and jaw safe when playing certain sports?

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  1. Exercisea measured amount of food


  2. Leftover foodhelps you stay healthy


  3. Fruit or crackersIdentify an example of a healthful snack.


  4. Fluoridehelps you stay healthy


  5. Nutrientshow powerful your muscles are


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