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  1. monument
  2. festival
  3. cajun
  4. Mount Rushmore is located
  5. Elijah McCoy
  1. a something build to honor and remember a peson or an event
  2. b Came from Scotland and invented a cup that slowly dripped oil into train which saved lots of time not having to oil.
  3. c Black Hills of South Dakota
  4. d a joyful gathering of people to celebrate something
  5. e people in LA whose french-speaking ancestors came from Acadia

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  1. Today, most immigrants come from
  2. professor in Germany. Moved to the US in 1933 and he made important contributions in the fields of science and math
  3. designed by sculpture George Borglum
  4. something that keeps a memory alive
  5. a person who comes to live in a country from somewhere else in the world

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  1. decisiona custom, or way of doing something, that is passed on


  2. Elizabeth BlackwellCame from England and in 1849 was the first woman to earn a mecial degree in the US. An award is given @ yr to a woman who contributes the most in the field of medicine.


  3. the US pres and their ideas and leadershipMount Rushmore is a memorial that honors


  4. I.M. Peicame from China to study architecture and designed many buildings throughout the world


  5. point of viewthe way a person feels about something


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