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  1. tradition
  2. opportunity
  3. Americans celebrate 3 holidays
  4. Elizabeth Blackwell
  5. creole
  1. a the chance to find a job, get an education, or have a better way of life
  2. b Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Fourth of July
  3. c Came from England and in 1849 was the first woman to earn a mecial degree in the US. An award is given @ yr to a woman who contributes the most in the field of medicine.
  4. d a custom, or way of doing something, that is passed on
  5. e a person of mixed heritage born in LA

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  1. Black Hills of South Dakota
  2. a choice
  3. sounds made with voices or instruments
  4. Today, most immigrants come from
  5. Many immigrants that came to American in the past were from

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  1. Madeleine K. AlbrightCame to US from Czechoslovakia. Was secretary of State and used the skills as a leader to improve relations with the US and other countries.


  2. talents and skillsprofessor in Germany. Moved to the US in 1933 and he made important contributions in the fields of science and math


  3. sculpturea person of mixed heritage born in LA


  4. memoriala joyful gathering of people to celebrate something


  5. point of viewthe way a person feels about something


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