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  1. cajun
  2. Paul Belpre'
  3. Asia,Mexico, Central America
  4. festival
  5. Mount Rushmore
  1. a a joyful gathering of people to celebrate something
  2. b Today, most immigrants come from
  3. c came from Puerto Rico and she was the first hispanic librarian and @ year an award is given in her name to an hispanic writer of children's books
  4. d people in LA whose french-speaking ancestors came from Acadia
  5. e designed by sculpture George Borglum

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  1. professor in Germany. Moved to the US in 1933 and he made important contributions in the fields of science and math
  2. the chance to find a job, get an education, or have a better way of life
  3. Most people came to the US because
  4. sounds made with voices or instruments
  5. a choice

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  1. monumentsomething build to honor and remember a peson or an event


  2. Madeleine K. AlbrightCame to US from Czechoslovakia. Was secretary of State and used the skills as a leader to improve relations with the US and other countries.


  3. traditiona choice


  4. Americans celebrate 3 holidaysThanksgiving, Memorial Day, Fourth of July


  5. Elizabeth BlackwellCame from England and in 1849 was the first woman to earn a mecial degree in the US. An award is given @ yr to a woman who contributes the most in the field of medicine.


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