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  1. She plans to kill herself. (line 67)
  2. - depressed ( only daughter is dead)
  3. - inconsolable and wants to die with Juliet
    - Ironic because a few scenes ago she said " I wish the fool were married to her grave".
  4. Lady Capulet wants the wedding day to stay Thurs. because she needs time to organize the food. But Lord Capulet is so determined to have the wedding on Wednesday that he promises to make the arrangements himself.
  5. To buy some time to reveal Romeo and Juliet's marriage, to get Romeo back, and also because he knows Juliet is already married to Romeo

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  1. What is the entire point of scene four? How do you know?To create suspense.


  2. Describe the Nurse's reation to finding Juliet.- depressed ( only daughter is dead)


  3. Friar Laurence does not tell the family the truth, but he does try to comfort them. How does he do this?- She's in heaven (a better place)


  4. List some of the fears that Juliet expresses in her famous soliloquy in scene iii. Look at lines 14-58.To create suspense.


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