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  1. It opens with Capulet talking to a servingman about cooks for the wedding. This is used as comic relief because the previous scene was very heavy. It also adds suspense.
  2. - depressed ( only daughter is dead)
  3. To buy some time to reveal Romeo and Juliet's marriage, to get Romeo back, and also because he knows Juliet is already married to Romeo
  4. -Juliet is sound asleep...Nurse cannot wake her
    -Freaks out
  5. To create suspense.

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  1. What is the deal with Peter and the musicians?Comic Relief --> suspense


  2. Describe Lady Capulet's reaction to finding Juliet. Why are her words especially ironic?- depressed ( only daughter is dead)


  3. What disagreement do Lord and Lady Capulet have? How is it resolved?To create suspense.


  4. How will Romeo know the plans?Friar Laurence will send another Friar (Friar John) with a letter that tells Romeo about the plans.


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