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  1. Emblem
  2. Lax
  3. Stalemate
  4. Infamous
  5. Narrative
  1. a (n) a situation in which further action by either of two opponents is impossible; (v) to bring to a standstill
  2. b (adj) not strict, careless; lacking discipline; not tense, relaxed
  3. c (adj) very wicked; disgraceful, shameful
  4. d (n) a symbol, sign, token
  5. e (n) a story, detailed report; (adj) having the quality or the nature of a story

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  1. (adj) bearing a grudge, feeling or showing a strong tendency toward revenge
  2. (n) A conversation between two or more people; an interchange of opinions and ideas, free discussion
  3. (adj., adv.) Partly open
  4. (adj) Sufficient, enough
  5. (v) to beg earnestly for

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  1. Hearth(adj., adv.) Partly open


  2. Innumerable(adj) too many to count, without number


  3. Wilt(n) an agreement, treaty


  4. Mar(v) to spoil, damage, injure


  5. Gigantic(v) to become limp and drooping ( as a flower), wither; to lose strength and vigor


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